For Grynszypan

November 7, 2008 at 1:07 am (Anti-Racism, assassination, Europe, fascism, good people, Jim D, Marxism, music, socialism, trotskyism, truth)

Seventy years on, it remains a tragedy of the highest order:

“The Stalinists shriek in the ears of the police that Grynszpan attended ‘meetings of Trotskyites.’ That, unfortunately, is not true. For had he walked into the milieu of the Fourth International he would have discovered a different and more effective outlet for his revolutionary energy. People come cheap who are capable of fulminating against injustice and bestiality. But those who, like Grynzspan, are able to act as well as conceive, sacrificing their own lives if need be, are the precious leaven of mankind.”

Read the rest of Trotsky’s masterful and humane essay, (“For Grynszpan”), here

 … two days later Hitler used Grynzspan’s desperate action as the excuse for this

Michael Tippett commemorated the young man thus:

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