What a Diff’rence a Day Makes

August 27, 2008 at 1:44 am (David Broder, jazz, Jim D, music)

Bloody hell! We’re turning into Two Way Family Favourites:

“Cue the great Dinah W:

What a difference a day made, twenty four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers where there use to be rain
My yesterday was blue dear
Today I’m a part of you dear

Is this on YouTube, Jim?”

Bruce, of BFPO Manchester requests this for all his old pals back home at AWL Akrotiri:

…That was the hit commercial recording (very nice )…but here’s some rare film of Dinah performing it live with Louis Jordan’s Orchestra…


  1. Renegade Eye said,

    It gets no better than that.

  2. Bruce said,

    Thanks, Jim. I am overwhelmed. Also for reminding me of ‘Forces Favourites’ – that says a little about our ages.

    Who was that guy doing the intro on the second clip? He looks kind of familiar. Didn’t he go on to be famous?

  3. Edwin said,

    Thank you again – lovely song, lovely singer

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