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August 22, 2008 at 2:52 pm (blogging, blogosphere, Champagne Charlie, internet, left, media, politics)

Dave’s Part: what is to be done?

[NB: having been warned by one ‘Ms Stroppy’ that this piece might confuse the hard-of-thinking, let me make it clear that what follows is about the blog ‘Dave’s Part’, with which we at ‘Shiraz’ have comradely relations / rivalry,  but no more than that… so it’s not about us. OK?  All clear now?- Charlie].

bloggers.gifAfter being upbraided by a couple of regular readers – in the comments box on the post below – for increasingly frequent lapses into ‘cringeworthy’ populism, I’ve been pondering the issue of whether my current blogging style and strategy is actually the right one.The idea has been for Dave’s Part to mix fairly straightforward serious coverage of politics, international relations and economics with forays into such areas as the Bridgend suicides, the Bellfield, Wright and Dixie murders and knife crime.

The justification in the latter instance is that these are matters that the left media traditionally rarely touches, but really should do more often. Such topics are what people discuss in workplaces and pubs every day, and raise important political issues about the social relationships that obtain under capitalism. Not the least consideration is that they attract new people to this website.

I have frequently pledged to myself to give up completely on far left sectariana. But I keep going back there, because I secretly love it really, and so – I suspect – do the core readership. Look at the number of comments such posts attract.

Usually I do know what I am talking about. Believe it or not, there is sometimes some erudition behind the words I type. Now and then, I make it up as I go along, as all journalists do to some extent. But because posts tend to be knocked out in my lunch break, detailed research is usually precluded.

I presume I am doing something right, because the number of hits continues to rise steadily. But all media outlets benefit from feedback. You lot are Joe Public in this instance.

So, let’s have your comments please. What do you like about Dave’s Part? What do you dislike? Where do I come a cropper and make myself look a prat? Are the humourous posts actually pretty unfunny? What do you want to see more of, and what should be scrapped?

Oh, and don’t hold back. I can take it. I think.



  1. stroppybird said,

    You are going to confuse people Denham.

    They will think they should comment here and probably think its about this blog …especially if they have had a few drinkies.

    Can we comment on your blog then? 🙂

  2. charliethechulo said,

    1/ I’m not Denham
    2/ We at Shiraz credit our readers with some intelligence
    3/ You are free to comment on ‘Shiraz’ or ‘Dave’s Part’…or even ‘Vulva Determinist’, here.

  3. stroppybird said,

    Nope, my mistake as Jim had commented over at Dave’s on this I thought it was him.

    It was meant as a jokey comment , not an attack on the intelligence of your readers and as I said meant for Jim who would have taken it as such.

  4. charliethechulo said,

    OOh megawd…and you think *I’m* being serious? Lighten up Strops! This is all intended as a diversion from the heavey stuff, eh? Relax! We all, here, love you!

  5. modernity said,

    let me speak as a reader, I have no intelligence to attack and I am lucky in that way 🙂

    but seriously, Dave get’s a bit of stick cos that’s what the remnants of the British Left are often like: negative, bitter, politically shallow* and very, er middle class

    Dave shouldn’t worry, ignore em, write what pleases him, if the rest of the English Left were half as astute as him then there wouldn’t be as many silly problems

    * I include my self in that, but as my brain is mostly fried then you’d expect that to be the case.

  6. stroppybird said,


    Its hard to tell what is serious or not in comments , hence people use those crap smileys .

    I’m used to Jim and Volty (and the one and only Coatsey) on here, not excahnged comments with you, so hence not used to your style so to speak.

  7. charliethechulo said,

    Don’tcha worry, Strops! Everything’s OK. I’m sure we’ll get to appreciate each others’ style, and – eventually- love one another! Or at least, get along…

  8. John A said,

    Like most people, I prefer reading things which confirm my prejudices, so I like everything on here except for stuff on religion and Israel. The occasional musical interludes are excellent, too. Other than that, well, I give up reading posts which contain too many unexplained names I haven’t heard of, so David Broder’s recent AWL post was too esoteric.

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