I’m still alive!

July 17, 2008 at 6:23 am (AWL, beer, blogging, voltairespriest, wine, women)

Sorry for the long absence everyone, just thought I’d reassure (some) and disappoint (others) that I’m still about and alive and kicking. Been a bit busy with other stuff, is all. I’ve been loving everyone else’s work though.

I’ll get around to writing something semi-serious as soon as possible. However I was wondering in the meantime if anyone had a report about the Ideas for Freedom event last weekend? I had been planning to go but then at the last minute I, err, decided to do something else instead. Nevertheless I’d like to know what happened and furthermore it’s been a regular “feature” of this blog for a couple of years now to do a report on the event which is a little more impressionistic and informal than the AWL’s own.

Now I’m off to slink back into the background. Ahem.

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