A good old fashioned victory

June 20, 2008 at 10:37 pm (Champagne Charlie, class, unions, workers)

Nine per cent this year followed by five per cent in 2009… and the government’s below-inflation unofficial pay policy shaken to its foundations

And all achieved by good old fashioned solidarity with just 640 Shell tanker drivers out for four days, picketing the 14 refinaries round the country and turning away non-Shell drivers. The anti-union laws didn’t seem to come into it. With Shell filling stations running dry, T&G-Unite announced a further four-day strike in 72 hours time. The Shell contractors Hoyer UK and Suckling (without doubt under instuctions from Shell itself), gave way and offered the drivers virtually everything they’d been asking for. No wonder the T&G’s Len McClusky was punching the air as he came out of the negotiations.

Clear cut victories like this have been thin on the ground in recent years, so why isn’t T&G-Unite crowing about this from the rooftops? You’d have thought that Tony Woodley (and Derek Simpson) would want to make the most of this, if only as a PR boost for the new union. But the T&G’s website doesn’t even mention it.


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  2. S Grundy said,

    Probably the reason McClusky isn’t boasting about a victory is because the drivers have not yet accepted a sell out deal. The increase is only 0.7% more than was originally on offer before the taking of four days succesful strike action! Not the first time Woodley and his cronies have sold workers short

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