They’re all welcome here (or should be)

June 15, 2008 at 10:29 pm (Anti-Racism, asylum, Civil liberties, Human rights, immigration, Jim D)

Like Neil at the Drink Soaked Trots, I want you to read Mark Haddon’s powerful account of a visit to a Migrants’ Resource Centre. I defy anyone to read this and continue to defend Britain’s present immigration policy.

Shamefully, Britain has even betrayed those who laid their lives on the line in the (unsuccessful so far, as it has turned out) hope of freedom and democracy in Iraq.

Hope, as Orwell said, lies with the proles.

To make Britain a slightly better and more civilised place, join or support this lot

…and/or this lot.


  1. Bob said,

    Spot on Jim. I hated Mark Haddon’s Curious Incident, couldn’t get why people loved it so much. He should do more political journalism!!

    Incidentally, I wrote this without reading your post, although it looks like I borrowed all my links off you!

  2. Dave said,

    Depressingly, all the signs are that the situation’s going to get worse before it gets any better: the UK Border Agency has recently written to the Heads of Local Government Associations, requesting consultation meetings on how to involve LAs in the deportation of children, to ensure that this is done “humanely”. Odds are that we’re likely to see the return of the vile “section 9”, in which families refusing to “co-operate” with removal directions are turfed onto the streets and social workers encouraged to separate children from their families.

    And please spare a thought for Zohrieh Rahimi who, with her husband Ali and son Navid was finally granted leave to remain in the UK after years of struggle, having fled the barbarism of the Iranian regime- only to be arrested, strip-searched and beaten by police in Wednesbury on Tuesday.

  3. Dave said,

    Press Release

    20.06.2008 02:36
    Press Release 19th June 2008


    Zohre Yousefi an Iranian national, recently granted unconditional leave to remain in Britain after fleeing political oppression in Iran, has just suffered serious physical assault at the hands of the Wednesfield police in Wolverhampton during the night of 17 June. Ms Yousefi, who lives in Wolverhampton with her husband and eight year old son, was walking in a park in Wolverhampton on Tuesday afternoon, when she was picked up by the police and brought to the Wednesfield police station. She was not arrested for any wrongdoing, but the police demanded that she be strip-searched. When Ms Yousefi, only wearing a T shirt and trousers, refused being strip-searched, she was attacked by four police officers, stripped of her clothes, pushed to the ground, kicked in the eyes, and then held down, with her hands placed behind her back in handcuffs, and beaten. Ms Yousefi reported that one police officer was sitting on her neck preventing her from breathing, a second sitting on her lower back, and a third taped her knees and feet. Unable to move, naked, in a cell no larger than one meter on each side, the police officers then racially taunted her. At midnight a doctor was sent to see Ms Yousefi and reported to her husband, Alireza Rahimi, who had been trying to contact is wife all evening, that Zohre was ‘a little upset’ and had been handled ‘a bit roughly’ with handcuffs being put on her. No mention was made of Ms Yousefi being left naked or attacked.

    Ms Yousefi was left naked in a small cell all night long, not allowed to phone her husband, not allowed to speak to the family priest, despite repeated phone calls from both. At 10 am the following morning, the police sent a doctor in to see Ms Yousefi and the doctor reportedly suggested that she be sent home or to the hospital given her bruising. Yet it was not until 1pm on 18 June that Zohre Yousefi was released from the police station, with her husband, social worker and doctor, and taken to Penn Hospital where she was examined and her bruises were noted. The Anti-Racist Campaign West Midlands is issuing a press call for 5:30pm in front of the Wednesfield Police Station, Alfred Squires Road, Wolverhampton We protest against the brutal, undignified and inhumane treatment of Zohre Yousefi by members of the British police force.

    ARC list subscriber

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