On this day 793 years ago…

June 15, 2008 at 9:53 am (Civil liberties, comedy, history, Human rights, Jim D)

The Lad ‘Imself remembers Ms Carta:

…he’s good, but he’s no David Davis…

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  1. KB Player said,


    “So, yes, there is ego here. There is an addiction to risk and there is miscalculation. There is a man of 59, frustrated in other ambitions, who thirsts for a blaze of glory. But there is also an extremely strong element of fiercely held belief. Having talked about these issues with Mr Davis over many years, I know he burns with a rare and intense feeling about civil liberties. He speaks sincerely when he describes it as ‘a matter of high principle’ for him. He really believes it when he sees this legislation as the latest step in the ‘insidious, surreptitious and relentless erosion of fundamental British freedoms’. None of that is synthetic or quixotic. He believes it and does so with a passion that distinguishes him from most of his colleagues. While most of Westminster shrugged at last week’s shameless chicanery in the Commons, he has been consumed with a genuine outrage about the way in which the government couldn’t win the argument over 42 days so had to resort to buying the vote.”

    Sorry Jim D, I think I’ve fallen for DD. And going by the talkback show I was listening to yesterday, I think a lot of the country has as well.

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