Watching a Uriah Heep collapse into confusion

June 14, 2008 at 11:40 pm (deviants, grovelling, left, voltairespriest)

It comes to something when (I believe to slightly misquote a West Wing character) a lifelong left winger turns, not into Satan, but perhaps into the man who runs to Costcutter to buy Satan a pack of cigarettes. However it would seem that Andy Nooman has achieved just such a lofty goal. Observe if you will one of his latest posts:

Waltham Forest Forest Ward By-Election 12 June 2008

Lib Dem, 977, 36.9%
Lab, 927, 35.0%
Con, 507, 19.1%
Green, 184, 6.9%
*** Left List 56, 2.1% ***

Result 6 weeks ago in Constituency Member section of GLA Election:

Forest Ward GLA Constituency Member 1 May 2008
NB does not include any postal votes

The Labour Party, 1143, 42.5%
Conservative Party, 477, 17.7%
Liberal Democrats, 382, 14.2%
Green Party, 288, 10.7%
*** Left List, 144, 5.4% ***
Christian Party, 124, 4.6%
UK Independence Party, 79, 2.9%
English Democrats, 51, 1.9%

How much longer ridiculous charade can this go on?

Well bugger me backwards, the SWP got a crap vote in Waltham Forest. Next thing he’ll be telling us that the leader of of Respect (coff) Renewal is an anti-abortionist clown who pretended to be a cat in a weird creepy semi-erotic way (with Rula Lenska) on Celebrity BB, who leads a “party” which is actually a thin crust of ex-SWP careerists hanging off communalist votes in the forlorn hope of being invited to follow their leader back into a desperate Gordon’s open arms.

Keep trucking Nooman. And for the love of God, please buy some new shades.


  1. modernityblog said,

    “who leads a “party” which is actually a thin crust of ex-SWP careerists hanging off communalist votes”

    very sharp wording, I wish I had said that 🙂

    Newman’s a bit thick to gloat over the failure of his ex-Party, it only makes him enemies, shows the worst aspects of his sectarian mindset and may come back to haunt him when Respect Renewal has a bad turn

    all in all very foolish, but that’s to be expected from Newman, what I think is scary is that he’s one of Respect Renewal’s leadership cadre?

  2. a very public sociologist said,

    You found Galloway’s cat performance “creepy” but also “semi-erotic”???!

    One thing I’ve yet to find out about the SWP’s campaign is if they really had a campaign. No one’s willing to divulge the information, leading me to conclude they could only muster a half-arsed leaflet drop. If so, the result shouldn’t come as any surprise.

  3. modernityblog said,

    the SWP ain’t too good at politics, which is peculiar, them having done it for nearly four decades, must be strange for them, being utterly useless at the one thing that they do almost every waking moment?

  4. JK said,

    The strange character “Nas” who works in Galloways office, and posts on Noomans blog,claims that her employer has the support of Wendy Savage on the abortion issue.
    “Nas” claims that Wendy savage wrote to George urging him to abstain in the Abortion debate. I’m sure this is true,urging an anti abortionist to sit on his arse is one way of reducing the right wing vote.But to claim it implies support is desperate.
    Galloways abstentions are of course many.
    Bung him a grand for a “one man show” and he’ll disappear from the House anyway.

  5. Voltaire's Priest said,

    No AVPS, I certainly didn’t find it semi-erotic. Although that was clearly the (really disturbing) direction of the whole thing between the two – quite gross – participants.

    But I’m sure you’re very proud of the way he put forward the left case on that show. Jolly good. 😉

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