Johnson’s Marxist Cabal?

May 24, 2008 at 2:35 pm (left, perversity, rcp, Uncategorized, voltairespriest)

Has anyone else noticed that Boris Johnson appears almost as keen on shadowy ex-Trot groups as Ken Livingstone was? No sooner do John Ross, Redmond O’Neill et al shuffle off from City Hall into (presumably equally lucrative) employment in Socialist Action’s next target area, than a new Sheriff comes to town. And who, I hear you ask, could be better at deep-deep-deep undercover colonisation than Socialist Action? Why, the Revolutionary Communist Party of course!

Yes, Munira Mirza of RCP off-shoot the Manifesto Club follows her illustrious predecessors including Martin Durkin (he of totally bollocks documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” fame) into a high profile job with unlikely political implications, as she becomes a “cultural advisor” to the floppy-haired fop. As the RCP’s merry band of contrarians go, Munira is one of the more interesting. Indeed, whether one agrees or disagrees with what she writes, it seems to me clear that she’s very bright, and willing to think new thoughts about multiculturalism and its implementation in public policy. In at least as much as she opens up a debate, she’s really quite impressive.

Well, it doesn’t get much more contrarian than this. Munira, good luck and I hope your new job helps you to get get the booze ban overturned.

Update: A trawl reveals that this was already mentioned at Harry’s Place. Hat-tip of sorts to my favourite limpet, Jules, who presumably must have some interesting choices of bedtime reading. xxx VP


  1. modernityblog said,

    what was Ross’s pay off?

    I wonder how much Ken and his groupies got after their election defeat?

    Not sure if it is in the public domain, I know that MPs get a packet if they lose their seats but what about City Hall?

  2. Jules said,

    Weeks old “story” and crap analysis.

    One of VP’s better pieces. ; )

  3. Voltaire's Priest said,

    Err which national reported the RCP thing?

    And what “analysis” do you look for in a jokey short article?

    Dickhead. “;)”

  4. Voltaire's Priest said,

    Ooh just seen it on another blog from a week ago. My bad – guess I don’t follow sectariana as closely as you do.

    You’re still a dickhead though. 🙂

  5. Jim Denham said,

    Johnson’s hatred of democracy and free speech has led him to…cancel City hall’s subscription to the ‘Morning Star’!!! Keith Flett (still an SWP’er??), in a letter to the ‘MS’ (May 17) described it as proof that “far from Johnson governing in the interests of all Londoners, he plans a petty, vindictive and sectarian regime.”

    Ken Livingstone (quoted in the MS, May 22) went further, saying: “banning newspapers because you do not agree with them is really something we only associate with totalitarian regimes…This is what is happening in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Such a ban has no place in British politics.”

    Bloody hell: I expected Johnson to be bad news, but not this bad! Banning (well, cancelling the subscription to) the Morning Star! Whatever next out of Mugabe’s book? Beating and killing members of the opposition? Who knows where it will end?

  6. KB Player said,

    A fire in a wastebasket in the GLC headquarters will be blamed on Socialist Action.

  7. Jim Denham said,

    I’m not that well up on the RCP/Spiked/Institute of Ideas etc, etc (life’s only so long)…but their usual media front-person Clare Fox, who occassionally makes a half-way sensible contribution to the Moral Maze (but, then so does Mad Mel Phillips), came over as a dozy, relativist idiot (defending the Chinese ruling class, for instance) on last week’s Any Questions. Why is it that the BBC, the Murdoch press and much of the rest of the bourgeois media, take these banal buffoons seriously?
    Btw I exclude Kanan Malik from the description “idiot” /”bufoon”: he’s actally written some quite good stuff on multi-culturalism, racism and other such matters. Munira Merza I’m not familiar with but I’m willing to accept Volty’s assessment of her as “quite impressibe”: even so accepting a job from the Tories is surely beyond the pale, even for a “contrarian”, don’t you think?

  8. Clive said,

    Yeah, both of Maiik’s books – The Meaning of Race and Man, Beast and Zombie – are very good indeed (not to say I agree with them completely, but they’re very well worth reading).

    On the other hand that bloke Brendon O’Neill who occasionally does a Comment is Free is an absolute cretin. These are the people who say, for instance, that to oppose whaling is racist…

  9. Jim Denham said,

    Johnson must be watched, but Modernity’s had enough of it (I don’t blame him): anyone want the job? Contact;

  10. free us from idiot analyses said said,

    Time for a link to this again I reckon,2763,184815,00.html

    and this


    Don’t forget that the RCP/Spiked crew also have no problem with child fucking (aka pedophilia).

    “Internet Freedom – no restrictions on paedophilia”

    I also have it on good authority that O’Neill pitched a piece not too long ago, to suggesting that the Holocaust has been exploited for ’sanctimonious’ ‘interventionist’ purposes (he wasn’t taken up on the offer funnily enough — unlike other shite he writes – which, incidentally, shows up the utter hypocrisy of that site and its shite, especially considering its stance on the Armenian Genocide.). What a vile cunt Brendan O fucking Neil is. I also caught O’Neil on some telly news item the other day, where he was denying something or other that is quite obviously not as he claims — and guess what? He don’t look like that picture that appears on CIF or at Spiked of him — he looks like a tramp with body odour problems. Looks like he takes a few drops as well but that isn’t a fault, that’s the only thing in the plus column for the fucker.

  11. free us from idiot analyses said said,



    Brendan o’fuckhead — an absolutist, ignoramus who stands on his head in order to reduce things to a single point — “I am a messenger of the absolute, therefore I am”. Fuck off you cunt. kill yourself now you frigging pisstain. I recall in the late 1980’s when the nurses went on strike, the slogan of the RCP was “support the nurses” but not “support the NHS”. The RCP did not support the NHS as they believed it to be an arm of the state. You could not make this shit up if you tried.

    genocide deniers and filth. kill then all.

  12. Andrew Coates said,

    Actually the story is from the ol’Weekly Worker, which David T picked up. The original, very well-informed, article, made the point that there are correct criticisms of multi-culturalism (first made btw by the Southall Black Sisters over fifteen years ago, and such types as yours truly and other Briefing comrades) but that the RCP etc have long lost the plot. They could have added that we opposed anti-racism to multiculturalism.

    Is it just me but do I detect a bit of contradiction between “free us” claims to detest genocide deniers, and, by implication ,mass killing, and wanting them all put against the nearest wall and shot?

    I mean where is the decorum in that?

  13. voltairespriest said,

    He doesn’t do rational these days, as you’ll see if you examine what he writes on his own blog (s).

  14. CH said,

    Here’s the Weekly Wanker’s take. I think it takes Fitzpatrick’s piece too seriously– he basically argued that since the election was a joke anyhow, he was voting based on Boris’s stand on bendy-busses.

  15. modernityblog said,

    to be honest I don’t know what all of the fuss is about Bendy buses, they ain’t the worst thing on the road, and they are often friendlier for the disable than the old Routemasters

    I suspect it is a bit of contemporary nostalgia to seem “connected” with real Londoner’s live, rather vacant and trite

  16. voltairespriest said,

    Routemasters – the jellied eels of public transport, huh?

  17. modernityblog said,

    I doubt that many of the middle-class advocates of the Routemasters have ever tried jellied eels, still less winkles or cockles, they are getting harder to found nowadays

    cue picture of Left List politico grimacing over a pot of winkles (there was a stand at the start of Whitechapel High Street)

  18. Clive said,

    I HATE bendy buses. If they’re crowded you get boxed in and can’t get a seat, and if you do get a seat they’re so uncomfortable they make your back hurt.

  19. modernityblog said,

    indeed Clive, it is a subjective view, other people like them, some don’t but either way I think it is hardly a major issue for a political manifesto?

  20. johng said,

    Has it not occured to anyone that being ‘brave enough to think new thoughts’ on multi-culturalism, is simply another way of signing up to the right? Spiked are the AWL with media jobs (and now in with the Tories). Boris Johnson thinks ‘new thoughts’ about multi-culturalism as well.

  21. modernityblog said,


    in your and the SWP’s view, is Holocaust revisionism antisemitic?

  22. Clive said,

    Thank you very much, John, but I have a media job.

  23. voltairespriest said,


    If you’ve been at university this long and you haven’t realised that “multi-culturalism” is a term which can be unpacked and contested without being right wing or racist (a lively undergraduate-level discussion if ever there was one), then I’m not entirely sure what you think you’ve learned.

  24. CH said,

    A brief exchange between Will (“Idiot Analyses”) and Brendan O’Neill. Read it and see which one is actually crazy.

    The rest of the C. Hitchens fan club shows up near the end of the comments, like a bunch of older lads called to drag their mouthy, Tourette’s syndrome-afflicted little brother away.

  25. charliethechulo said,

    John G: has it not occurred to you that thinking about multi culturalism might just be a matter of thinking…not necessarily “signing up to the right”: c’mon Johnny, you’re an educated, middle class universiity boy: you must understand that questioning multi-culturalism and relativism is *not* racism…indeed, some of us would argue that it’s anti-racism. And, please: reply to Modernity’s question about holocaust denial, because he’s just going to keep on asking it…and eventually, if you don’ t answer, he (and othersof us) are going to start calling you, and the SWP, nasty names.

  26. RCP hegemonise The Moral Maze « Shiraz Socialist said,

    […] George Monbiot by denying the reality of global warming) and the ‘Manifesto Club’ (now much favoured by London Mayor Boris […]

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