Galloway’s Iranian propaganda?

March 26, 2008 at 4:45 pm (anonymous, Civil liberties, Galloway, Guardian, Human rights, Iran, LGBT, TWP)

Peter Tatchell at the Mehdi Kazemi protest

Peter Tatchell
March 26, 2008 10:30 AM


George Galloway, the Leftwing Respect MP, has been accused of making allegations that border on paedophile smears and play to homophobic prejudice. He claims that the boyfriend of gay Iranian asylum seeker Mehdi Kazemi was executed for “committing sex crimes against young men”.

The insinuation of such a claim is that Mehdi’s boyfriend was a rapist or a child sex abuser. It also stigmatises Mehdi with the shame that he was the partner of someone who committed sexual assaults on male youths. He will suffer with this stigma when he is returned to the UK and could face considerable personal hostility from people who have heard and believe these allegations against his boyfriend.

Mr Galloway made his astonishing allegation on Channel Five’s The Wright Stuff. You can watch his interview here.

He has been asked to explain the source of his claim, but has so far failed to do so.

I am not aware of any paedophile-style sex abuse claims against Mehdi’s partner. Moreover, no human rights group has mentioned any evidence that Mehdi’s boyfriend was a rapist or a child molester.

Although the regime in Tehran frequently defames political, religious, ethnic and sexual dissidents with false claims of kidnapping, rape, alcoholism, sodomy, adultery, drug-taking and hooliganism, even the most extreme ayatollahs have not made allegations that Mehdi Kazemi’s boyfriend was involved in sex abuse.

Nevertheless, Galloway has broadcast this very serious, potentially defamatory, allegation to the British public, and has then failed to back it up with evidence.

To some people, Galloway’s claims look like propaganda in defence of the totalitarian, homophobic Islamic Republic of Iran. His passionate opposition to a war against Iran, which I share, seems to have clouded his judgement; leading him to downplay the regime’s persecution of lesbians and gays, which includes state-sanctioned executions.

In the same interview for The Wright Stuff, Galloway went on to state: “All the [British] papers seem to imply that you get executed in Iran for being gay. That’s not true.”

His claim that lesbian and gay people are not at risk of execution in Iran is refuted by every reputable human rights organisation, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and the International Lesbian and Gay Association. None of these esteemed bodies are anti-Iran warmongers, as Galloway has subsequently seemed to imply.

The leftwing US journalist, Doug Ireland, has documented cases of the flogging and execution of men who have sex with men in Iran. These are just the cases we know about. It is likely that some similar executions never get media coverage in Iran and are therefore unknown to the outside world.

The Iranian Queer Rights Organisation also confirms that homosexuality is a capital offence and that gay Iranians are subjected to brutal punishments, including torture and hanging.

The government of Iran admits that it has the death penalty for homosexuality. Gay people are sometimes tortured to make confessions – even false confessions. Iranian law makes no distinction between consensual and non-consensual same-sex relations. Both are punishable by execution.

If Iran doesn’t execute queers, why does it need to retain the death penalty for same-sex relations? Why doesn’t it repeal a law it supposedly never enforces? Why doesn’t it announce a moratorium on hangings for homosexuality?

As with other dissidents, gay men are usually hanged in public by the barbaric slow strangulation method which is deliberately designed to maximise and prolong the suffering of the victim. These gruesome public barbarisms are also designed to terrorise the gay population.

To discredit the gay people it hangs, and to stir up public homophobia in support of its medieval religious-inspired punishments, the regime sometimes frames gay people with false charges of rape and child sex abuse. It wants to create the impression that homosexuals are monsters, in order to deter men from seeking same-sex relations.

This is what happened in the case of 21-year-old Makwan Moloudzadeh, who was executed in Iran last December. He was hanged for alleged sex offences against male teenagers, when he himself was a mere 13 years old. Amnesty International condemned his trial as “grossly flawed” and a “mockery of justice.”

Human Rights Watch reports that Moloudzadeh was coerced and tortured into making a confession. According to Amnesty International, his accusers retracted their sex assault allegations and admitted that they had been pressured into making false claims against him.

Even if Moloudzadeh had been guilty as charged, he should never have been hanged because the alleged offence was committed while he was a minor.

Strong evidence for Moloudzadeh’s innocence is the fact that hundreds of villagers turned out for his funeral; which would not have happened if the official Iranian account that he was a child sex abuser was true.

In a second interview on The Wright Stuff, Galloway launched into a scurrilous attack on Medhi’s friends and supporters, and the defenders of lesbian, gay and bisexual human rights in Iran, including myself:

“This (Mehdi Kazemi’s case) is a useful story for the war propaganda machine, the khaki machine now taking on a tinge of pink….what I will not accept is people being used, as Tatchell is, as the pink end of the war machine. That’s what Peter Tatchell has become by attacking Iran in the way that he does.”

At the antiwar protest in London on March 15, which I supported and attended, Galloway repeated these claims in his keynote speech. He said the “khaki war machine now has its pink contingent”. He went on to imply that people who support gay rights in Iran are “useful idiots” and said their aim is to “bamboozle the public to go along with mass murder in Iran”.

It is untrue and deeply offensive to suggest that those of us who oppose homophobic persecution in Iran are backing the bombing and invasion of Iran. We are not.

I am on record in my writings and speeches as opposing an attack on Iran. When, for example, I exposed Tehran’s racist and neocolonial persecution of its Ahwazi Arab ethnic minority, I stated categorically:

“I am part of a new campaign group, Hands Off the People of Iran (HOPI). HOPI opposes both a US war on Iran and the tyranny of the Iranian regime. My motto is: Neither Washington nor Tehran!

A war against Iran would be another disastrous neo-imperial adventure, which would strengthen the Tehran dictatorship. President Ahmadinejad would play the patriot and manipulate nationalism to rally the population behind him. He would use a US military attack as an excuse to further crack down on dissent in the name of safeguarding national security.

The overthrow of the theocratic police state by the Iranian people – not by US military intervention – is the best way to resolve the nuclear crisis and prevent a needless, unjustified war. With no dictatorship in Tehran, President Bush and the neo cons would lose the rationale for a military strike against Iran.”

Galloway’s insinuation that I am banging the war drum and siding with imperialism is both laughable and dishonourable.

For nearly 40 years I have supported the Iranian people’s struggle against dictatorship, first against the western-backed Shah and, since 1979, against the clerical tyranny of the ayatollahs. I have been totally consistent. I am not suddenly focusing on Iran’s human rights abuses and doing the dirty work of the Washington neocons, as Galloway seems to suggest.

Undeterred by criticisms that his outbursts collude with homophobia and with a viciously anti-gay regime in Tehran, Mr Galloway boasts: “I have an unblemished record of support for lesbian and gay equality.”

Well, not quite. The Public Whip website (which monitors MPs votes) notes that Galloway did not vote on 8 out of 10 of the major parliamentary votes on gay law reform in recent years. His repeat absence is a strange way to express support for gay rights. Most other MPs turned up to vote. Why not George?

Galloway is, of course, a Respect MP. A commitment to gay rights was entirely absent from Respect’s 2005 general election manifesto. Some insiders claim gay equality was originally included but was removed to appease Muslim fundamentalist voters (this apparent assumption by Respect that all Muslims are homophobic fundamentalists is just plain wrong – they are not).

The policy section of the Respect website has included a one-line opposition to discrimination based on sexual orientation but it is hidden away under “other policies”. Not exactly upfront.

One of Respect’s major funders is Dr Mohammed Naseem. He is a one-time member of their executive and was a Respect parliamentary candidate. He is also a leading member of the Islamic Party of Britain (IPB) which appears to advocate the death penalty for consenting adult homosexuality in certain circumstances.

The IPB is viciously homophobic in other respects too, as it’s website explains, and as my OutRage! colleague, Brett Lock, has revealed.

Naseem is a strange bedfellow for a supposedly pro-gay rights MP.

George Galloway was magnificent before the US Senate, exposing the Iraq debacle. Sadly, he now sometimes seems to be exonerating a cruel, unjust regime in Tehran that is responsible for some of the worst state-sanctioned homophobia in the world. This regime is also responsible for the equally heinous persecution of trade unionists, women’s rights campaigners, student leaders, human rights advocates, investigative journalists and activists who defend Iran’s subjugated minority nationalities, such as the Kurds, Arabs and Baluchis.

Misguided, untruthful attacks on Iranian gay people, the queer rights movement and the pink community do not strengthen the antiwar movement and the struggle against US imperialism. On the contrary, they play straight into the hands of the tyrants in Tehran and their mirror opposites in Washington. They betray all Iranians who are yearning and striving for democracy, human rights, social justice and the self-rule of Iran’s oppressed minority nations.


  1. claims said,

    Galloway is paid by Iran.

  2. paddy garcia said,


  3. d.z.bodenberg said,

    Surely he’s paid by Iranian state broadcaster “Press TV” for his programmes on it? I can’t imagine him doing that (or anything, for that matter) for free. And isn’t “Galloway is paid by Iran” shorthand for that?

  4. paddy garcia said,

    Andrew Gilligan is also a presenter on Press TV. Is he paid by Iran too?
    I have worked for the Mail, Times, Telegraph, Time, Newsweek, BBC and other bourgois media outlets in my time, and yes they paid me well. I am a media professional and do my job to the best of my ability and try not to compromise my principles while doing so. We all have to earn a living within reason. If Press TV asked me to do some work for them, I would be more than happy to oblige, obviously I expect to get paid.

  5. paddy garcia said,

    So you seriously saying that all the presenters and participants in these programmes for example are stooges of Iranian regime?
    As I said before I have been paid by the BBC and The Times, does that make me a lackey for the British state and Rupert Murdoch? Get real, am just a worker trying to make a living, most of us are just trying to get by, we have to take on what jobs are on offer, within reason of course, there are lots of things that I wouldn’t be prepared to do, doorstepping asylum seekers for example.
    I’ve also done some PR work for the MOD, does that make me a lackey of British imperialism?

  6. claims said,

    Perhaps it is a coincidence that Galloway fabricates a case against an executed gay Iranian when he starts being paid by Iran.

  7. modernityblog said,

    comrades, comrades, we all know that chairman Galloway is as pure as the driven snow and any allegations that he swiftly changed his views merely because he was paid by the Iranian government via Press TV are coincidental!

  8. tim said,

    It is also a coincidence that Galloway refused to help with two forced marriage cases in Pakistan in 1996,while negotiating funding for one of his businesses,Asian Voice Ltd.
    £547,000 was paid to Asian Voice by the Bhutto Government.
    No accounts were ever filed by Asian Voice Ltd.

  9. Dr Paul said,

    Why this slanderous insinuation that Galloway has to be paid to support theocracy? Surely he does it free of charge.

  10. voltaires_priest said,

    I do love the way that Paddy thinks flogging photos entails the same relationship with a broadcaster as making a series. Bit like comparing selling meat to restaurants with being Gordon Ramsay.

  11. Clive said,

    “I’ve also done some PR work for the MOD, does that make me a lackey of British imperialism?”

    Like, duh.

  12. twp77 said,

    See the disgusting defence of Galloway on MacUaid’s blog if you can stomach it.:

  13. paddy garcia said,

    What exactly is the problem with that article!? I think its quite good.
    What is the problem with him having religious beliefs? There has always been a significant Catholic presence in the British labour movement, especially in Scotland.

  14. twp77 said,

    Oh dear – I give up…..

  15. paddy garcia said,

    I’ not a big fan of GG, he isn’t that left wing, was never in the Campaign Group for example, he’s more of a soft left tankie type.
    Also he won’t take a workers wage, that pisses a lot of people off and he supports immigration controls which I don’t. But these personal attacks have really gone over the top. He is a religious man, so are people like Hugo Chavez, have you got a problem with that?
    As far as Iran is concerned, he does have a point in that all this condemnation is playing into the hands of imperialism, we must stand by Iran in its time of need, condemnation is for another day.

  16. modernityblog said,

    like talking to a brick, but in terms of misplaced humour, or just plain stupidity the following comments is a contender:

    “i would however point out that the pro-slavery “Free Tibet” gang of the dalai lama were vastly more brutal when they ruled Tibet, and the Chinese military intevention was experienced as literally a liberation by the vast majority of Tibetans, who were about 6% slaves and 80%+ indentured serfs (worse off than slaves) when Tibet was independent.

    Comment by Andy Newman — 28 March, 2008 @ 12:15 am ”

  17. martin ohr said,

    paddy, you are clearly an idiot of the first order, noone on this site is talking about moralistic condemnation of Iran, we are talking about international solidarity with workers there, in this case in particular with those in the lgbt community.

    your argument that now is not the time for such solidarity begs the question when is? for galloway and others, the answer is never, how about you?

  18. voltairespriest said,

    Furthermore Paddy, if you think personal religious belief is the same thing as the sort of revolting, reactionary demagic statements that Galloway comes out with, then you clearly don’t understand religion either. It is possible to have personal beliefs without wanting them enforced in law.

    As Clive said, “like, duuh.”

  19. stroppybird said,

    “we must stand by Iran in its time of need, condemnation is for another day.”

    Not much use to Mehdi is it when he faces deportation, and probable execution, now.

    Or is that just ‘unfortunate’ as you once said to me as regards rhe killing of LGBT people in Iraq on a demo.

  20. Andrew Coates said,

    Yes Paddy Garcia, there has always been a significant Catholic presence in the Scottish Labour Movement. Some might argue, and I speak as someone whose grandparents were Glasgow stalwarts of the ILP, that it led to fatal compromises on issues such as secularism. I know you’d like to stick up for your ain folk, but I’ll do it for mine: my great-great-grandad (a Kelly) was driven from the Church (denounced from the pulpit) for his trade-unionism.

    Some progressive movement.

  21. paddy garcia said,

    “Or is that just ‘unfortunate’ as you once said to me as regards rhe killing of LGBT people in Iraq on a demo.”

    Please remind me and in what context did I allegedly say that?

  22. stroppybird said,


    You said it on an anti war demo a few years back. I was with the outrage lot. I didnt know you then (pre blog) and you came up to dave, so thats how I got talking. We disagreed about Iraq and the glorious resistance. I pointed out about the killing of LGBT people, and the oprression of women who stepped out of line, and you said it was unfortunate but impreialism blah blah . Pretty much the line you still take on the blogs, so dont think I am misrepresenting you. I dont think you remembered the meeting as when I mentioned it when we met at the McDonnell meeting in Hackney you had forgotten.

    But the point still is you say wait until later to raise the issues, in the menatime people like Mehdi face deporataion and pretty certain execution. So we hae to raise the issues to support his claim for asylum.

  23. stroppybird said,

    ooops, lots of typos and im sober as well:-)

  24. paddy garcia said,

    I do support his case for asylum. As I said before I don’t support immigration controls.
    Nobody should be illegal.

  25. modernityblog said,

    so maybe you do support asylum, Paddy?

    but then again you don’t see ANYTHING dodgy or reactionary in Galloway’s views, do you??

  26. stroppybird said,

    So Paddy, if you support Mehid, and others in his situation, then its necessary to highlight what the Iranian regime does . But you said criticism must wait. Im confused ?!

  27. Shabnam said,

    Peter Tatchell is anti Muslim and anti Iranian who is working on behalf of the Zionism and imperialsm’s agenda to destabilize Muslim coungries for further caos and partition to create allies for the apartheid state of Israel, to establish Kurdish tribe where is already a spy network for Israel training the Kurdish terrorists to attack neighboring countries and helping the occupation forces to kill those groups who are against occupation of Iraq, like Mahdi army.
    Mr. Tatchell is spreading false information about Iran and others to demonize Iran to help the phony “war on terror” for the benefit of the axis of evil US – Israel – Britain. No one should trust him.

  28. Shabnam said,

    Peter Tatchell is anti Muslim and anti Iranian who is working on behalf of the Zionism and imperialsm’s agenda to destabilize Muslim countries for further chaos and partition to create allies for the apartheid state of Israel, to establish Kurdish tribe where is already a spy network for Israel training the Kurdish terrorists to attack neighboring countries and helping the occupation forces to kill those groups who are against occupation of Iraq, like Mahdi army. Mr. Tatchell is spreading false information about Iran and others to demonize Iran to help the phony “war on terror” for the benefit of the axis of evil US – Israel – Britain. No one should trust him. We have already a world runs by the criminals who are waging war based on lies to kill and rob others and expand their influence further. The “democratic west” is based on killing and robbing of other communities. The people of the world are fed up with the status of the world system and they will do anything to bring this corrupt system down.
    How many laws do you need? Why don’t you honor the existing laws that you, the west, has forced it upon the rest of the population’s throat yet when you feel it is not in your interest to honor them you do break them. For example to keep your WMD and allow your apartheid state, Israel, to have nuclear weapon and then do anything to demonize Iran because Iran is determined to honor the UN law to enrich for its legal nuclear program. Why is that? We know how racist and brutal west is, don’t we? The west uses double standard policy to expand its agenda.
    Peter Tatchell is anti Muslim and anti Iranian government who is seeking regime change but he is silent against the genocide in Gaza and Lebanon. He is not supporter of the Palestinian; he goes to rallies with its poster “gay rights” and fake picture against Iranian government in order to form anti Iran and anti Muslim opinion. We have not seen him firmly stands against the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine and does not advocate regime change in Israel, instead he spreads false information to form negative public opinion against Iran to serve the interest of the racist Zionists. We have not seen him to go and demonstrate against the Kurdish terrorists who have been spying for Israel for the last 50 years and at the present are working hand
    in hand with Israelis and Americans are killing Iraqi people. The Kurdish terrorists are receiving military training by Israel. The aim of the Iraq war is to change the Middle East map and divide the neighboring countries into smaller pieces based on ethnic and religious divide to benefit Israel like what they are doing in Sudan to eliminate Israel’s enemy and secure oil for this apartheid state. Israel needs oil and that’s why Israel has used its lobby in the US to divide Iraq and creates the tribe of Kurds as its ally. Many Kurds and Arab Iranians are working with the enemy of the Iranian people, HOPI, to overthrow the Iranian government and divide Iran to create puppet states for Israel.

  29. stroppybird said,


    Yep, Iran is a great place to be gay in. So how many were on the last gay pride march in Tehran then ?

  30. modernity said,


    you have lied and misrepresented Peter Tatchell’s views, which can be shown by looking at his CiF page:

    “As a long-time supporter of justice for the Palestinian people, I decided to join the protest. I am against Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank, its divisive Berlin-style wall, its illegal nuclear weapons programme and its often indiscriminate military operations that kill innocent Palestinian civilians.”

    “n the Palestinian territories, lesbians and gays are subjected to detention without trial, torture and execution by the Palestinian Authority. There are also extra-judicial killings of gays, perpetrated by armed groups from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah. These murderous fundamentalist gangs are hailed as “liberation heroes” (sic) by many western leftwingers.

    For saying this, I can already predict the denunciations of the far left: “Tatchell is a Zionist … a Mossad agent … a neocon apologist.” Not true.

    I speak as someone who has supported the Palestinian freedom struggle for 35 years. Together with the actress Vanessa Redgrave and many other people, I began campaigning in the early 1970s for a unified, democratic, federal, secular state, where Jews and Arabs can live together in peace, unity, equality and justice. I still believe in that dream.

    The lesbian and gay communities in Israel and Palestine prove that this dream is possible.”

  31. Red Maria said,

    Shabnam is wrong on a number of points about Peter Tatchell. He has not, for example, been silent on the mistreatment of Palestianians in the occupied territories, indeed one of his placards bore the emphatic legend: Israel stop persecuting Palestine, Palestine stop persecuting queers. Suggestions that he is working on behalf of Zionist and Imperialist lobbies to destabilise Moslem countries are more amusing than serious.

  32. stroppybird said,

    Its interesting how the ‘left’ is now piling in to demonise , and smear,Tatchell, someone who has stood up against sustained attack from the right since he stood in Bermondsey and who has continued to fight for LGBT and human rights ever since, without worrying about whether he is liked.

    And one of the arguments used by those cheerleading Galloway is what about saudi, you dont criticise Saudi, which is crap.

    I was on the demo last year when there was the state visit, as was Tatchell, who spoke. No sign of George though.

  33. stroppybird said,

    Trouble is, the more they come out with the lies, as Shabnam does here, the more some of it will stick.

  34. Shabnam said,

  35. Shabnam said,

    please post my previous responses.

  36. modernityblog said,


    you need to respond to the ARGUMENTS, simply posting a web site and saying “that’s my point” is not really debating the issues.

    did you read that article??

    see the picture

    and tell us who that is, and what is he carrying?

  37. Shabnam said,

    I sent number of times but they have been eliminated.

  38. modernityblog said,


    WordPress (the technology which hosts this blog) implements an anti-SPAM filter, and if you post too many links they will get caught in that filter and do not get posted immediately, until released manually by an admin.

    so why not, instead of posting someone else’s arguments, take the points raised above and answer them?

  39. Shabnam said,

  40. modernityblog said,


    finally, WHAT is your point?

    the arguments that you have put forward have largely been dealt with

    what is your point? to argue a particular case or just spam anti-Tatchell rants?

    which is it? a simple answer would be appreciated

  41. Shabnam said,

    the first argument is my argument.

  42. modernityblog said,


    I don’t think that you really know what you’re saying, or can engage in any meaningful discussion on these issues, when your spam is refuted by Tatchell’s own words, you don’t reply, you just ignore it

    so forgive me if I ignore any more of your comments, I prefer dialogues to your form of spam, lies and half truths.

  43. Shabnam said,

    Mone on Tatchell:

  44. Jim Denham said,

    I think Shabnam is a bit hard of thinking. And also an utter reactionary. I wouldn’t bother with him, Mod, if I were you. the guy’s clearly a total no-hoper, lost to democratic and civilised values.

  45. modernityblog said,

    indeed Jim, I won’t, he spammed a lot of nonsense on my blog already 🙂

  46. Shabnam's dancing teacher said,

  47. Shabnam said,

  48. Shabnam said,

    No Gay in Iran has been executed because he/she is a gay, they have been punished for rape conviction. The Zionists and imperialists who are killing Muslims with pretext of a phony “War On Terror”, where majorities of the terrors on earth, at least for the past 500 years are committed by the West, either Britain, France, Israel, Germany, America, Canada, or Australia, they are using all the channels including gays to sell another imperialist/Zionist war against humanity, Iran, asking their agents, Ireland and Tatchell, to fool the western citizens around the world AGAIN. They sold WMD charge, a lie, with the help of their agents, Tatchell and Ireland, to wage war against a Muslim country where the bloody west installed Saddam, its leader, through CIA and MI6 in order to kill more than 30,000 Iraqi with a pretext of “fighting against communism” alone. Examples of the brutality and terrorist activities of the west is numerous and known to all “educated” people. The western population cooperated with their terrorist governments actively, like Ireland and Tatchell or passively to kill and rob other nations to keep their behind fat enough so when they fall, they fall on a mountain of FAT, in the other word, the ignorant population of the West HAVE BENEFITED FROM THE KILLING OF OTHER GROUPS. Therefore, they continue to kill and torture unless people of the central Asia, the Middle East and Africa be united to change the course.

  49. Shabnam said,

    The Zionist/imperialist war has cost Iraqi people more than 1.2 million deaths, Americans themselves looted their museums to WIPE their contribution to civilization and humanity OFF the map and has forced 4.7 Iraqi people out of their land to make rooms for the children of the criminal West, the mercenaries and their thieves in name of corporation, who wipe the indigenous population of Americas off the map, now are robbing Iraq to fund and continue their occupation with the internal enablers, the Kurdish terrorists, spies of Israel and the US, to insult Iraqi people through rape and torture.
    Their population supporting the destruction of other group “sheep” style through mass killing and looting of Muslims now, or active support, Tatchell and Ireland, by waging psychological war through propaganda using mass media to spread lies and deception to sell their spurious charge like they did in Sudan, by staging a campaign based on a lie, “child slavery” to force the government in another Muslim country to hand in the South of Sudan to the terrorist, John Garang, who was trained by Israel and the US and received arm and money through “humanitarian aides”.

  50. Shabnam said,

    Don’t trust Doug Ireland or Peter Tatchell. These people are agent of Imperialism and
    Zionism who support invasion and occuption of the axis of evil US – Israel – Britain
    and form public opinion to support killing of millions and millions of other people and groups by misinformation and deception.

  51. modernityblog said,


    do you think they are in the pay of Satan too?

  52. Shabnam said,


    I don’t believe in Satan but read the comments at the end of these articles and you will see that majority of people find tatchell and Ireland suspicious. These people are at the service of intelligent agencies, the CIA and MI6. Do you think we don’t have problem with gays in Christian countries? The western propaganda is a tool to destabilize certain countries for “divide and conquer” to bring under control and steal their resources. These individuals are enabler to imperialist’s plan. Tatchell
    is working with a suspicious group called “Ahwazi” from Khuzistan, the south of Iran
    who claim they are oppressed and they want their own countries. Tatchell and Ireland should use their energy to help Palestinian to restore their stolen land where
    Britain, France and other western countries played a vital role. Destabilization is
    going on in many Islamic countries including Sudan. The misinformation campaign
    on Sudan with spurious charge “child slavery” established semi autonomous south, which disappeared over night when they got the result they wanted. Now, they are hopeful to get the same result for Darfur with a spurious charge, “genocide” where
    these individuals are involved. By the way, do you know there is more than 5.5 M
    deaths in Congo and majorities of female population from ages 7 – 80 have been
    raped? Do you hear anything, like campaign of lies against Sudan, on this? What
    these people have done about Congo and more than 5.5 millions deaths?

  53. Jim Denham said,

    You’re mad and/or evil/ One or ‘twother.

  54. modernity said,

    shabnum wrote:

    These people are at the service of intelligent agencies, the CIA and MI6.

    you have no proof, just unsubstantiated allegations, and you might like to explain away the photos & testimony


    I suppose that you will say they are faked as well?

    Do you think we don’t have problem with gays in Christian countries?

    had you used the Web and done your own elementary research you would have seen that Peter Tatchell has often (that’s many times) attacked Christian leaders for hypocrisy over gay rights

    Tatchell is very consistent, he is a campaigner for gay rights throughout the world, every part of it, including Iran


    ” For eight years, the Archbishop had refused to meet representatives of the lesbian and gay community to discuss our concerns.

    Because Dr. Carey had rejected all requests for dialogue, I felt the only option left was to protest against his support for the denial of homosexual human rights. ”

    now, of course, anyone remotely sensible or with a capacity for logic would understand that Peter Tatchell and Doug Ireland are campaigners for gay rights, universally, applying to all parts of the world and as such they don’t distinguish between countries, they are not prejudice they are not in the pay of MI5 or CIA, they are simply Gay rights campaigners

    anyone researching their web sites would see that.

    as for Sudan, the Sudanese government complicity in murdering Darfurians is well documented


    all of this can be verified as proven, I suggest that you go away and research again.

  55. stroppybird said,

    “Do you think we don’t have problem with gays in Christian countries? ”

    I think that says it all about Shabnam’s views. Those uppity gays wanting human rights and not to be executed !

  56. free us from idiot analyses said said,

    That’s a new one – citing the Lovecraftian horror of cranks and troofers that comprises CiF comments as an authority on anything.

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