Communist Manifestoon

February 22, 2008 at 6:03 pm (capitalism, capitalist crisis, class, Jim D)

Following the popularity (at least with Will), of my musings on surplus value (immediately below), I now offer you a rather memorable introduction to the Communist Manifesto (1848), as part of my occasional Marxist educational series:

Next: dialectical materialism on ice and in song!


  1. Lobby Ludd said,

    I didn’t get a single laugh out of that. What a crap cartoon.

  2. Jim Denham said, Pete said to Dud about Leonardo’s, eh? “The sense of humour’s changed over the years: I bet in those days they was killin’ themselves”:

    Btw: watch the clip all the way through and you’ll see that right at the end, Dud ‘gets’ Leonardo’s joke…

  3. Will said,

    If embedding doesn’t work try this…

    Please write a critique of the above video addressing the following questions: Have we truly arrived in a post-disciplinary society? Are self-motivated knowledge workers still tools of the capitalist class? Can Marxist dialectics adequately explain the evolution of social conflict in a post-industrial information society? Do Kiki and Bubu suffer from the false consciousness of Fordist nostalgia? Does the Porn Monster show us the proper way to do social theory in the age of the digitally networked environment?

    Extra points will be awarded for each sublimation. Answers that are coherent and intelligible will automatically be disregarded. Thank you for your time comrades.

  4. Jim Denham said,

    I shall reply to Will’s questions as soon as I’ve sobered up and got a couple of hours to spare. In the meanwhile…OF COURSE I knew it was the 160th anniversary of the first publication of the ‘Manifesto’; that’s why I posted the cartoon version! OF COURSE it wasn’t a coincidence!

  5. Darren said,


    Oh aye, somebody been here and here by any chance? 😉

  6. Jim Denham said,

    I just knew…it’s the sort of thing I always remember.

  7. Darren said,

    I thought you had a ‘suzy moment’ like myself. 😉

  8. Jim Denham said,

    OK: it was your blog (Inveresk Street Ingrate) that tipped me off. There you are: I’ve admitted it.

  9. Darren said,

    Your confession will be on the front cover of next month’s Socialist Standard. 😉

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