George Galloway’s “Progressive List”

January 26, 2008 at 12:44 pm (elections, Galloway, Respect, trivia, voltairespriest)

I have a question.

Does anyone have any knowledge of what names will be on this “Progressive List” for the GLA elections, apart from George Galloway’s?

If I can make a humble suggestion to Respect Renewal’s governing clique, I’d like to put in a good word for my favourite RR councillor, Harun Miah. He’s a man of passionately progressive political views, as evinced by his thoughts on socialism:

As for socialism, it does provide some sort of justice, some sort of equality. I agree with that. As long as it doesn’t breach the rights of others. Of course, Respect has socialism as an element, but it’s not the only element, is it? There are other concerns.

And what’s more, his knowledge of labour movement politics is just as formidable:

I do favour trade unionism. We need all the trade we can get, so we have to help them.

George, pick up the phone. You know it makes sense.


  1. johnnyrook said,

    Rupert Bear

  2. voltairespriest said,

    Actually if Galloway could pull that one off, it’d be spectacular. I understand Zippy George and Bungle applied to work on the campaign, but he’s already got Ger Francis, Kevin Ovenden and Ron McKay so they were surplus to requirements.

  3. tim said,

    Ovenden is paid Parliamentary staff.
    Can he work on the campaign?

    We don’t want george to misuse his office staff again do we.

  4. Martin Ohr said,

    According to the respect renewal website George will be sending out his invitation to participate to all progressive forces next week. Presumably most of the organised left will not be expecting the to hear the thud of the ggmail landing on their mat.

    Who is left thay RR’s leading members have not between them libelled, insulted or assualted that they could possibly unite with except the CPB?

  5. voltaires_priest said,

    And Jamaat-i-Islami and the Muslim Brotherhood?

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