What Galloway did next

January 25, 2008 at 11:53 pm (Galloway, Jim D, labour party, Livingstone, political groups, politics, religion, Respect, stalinism, wankers)

The facts are still not entirely clear, and we’ll keep you posted as best we can, but what seems to be the case as of this moment, is as follows:

1/ Perma-tanned shyster, Stalinist and power-worshipper George Galloway has announced that he will run for the London Assembly as part of what he calls a “progressive list”.

2/ That “progressive list” will not be ‘Respect’ or ‘Respect Renewal’, but will be a “new party” and be registered as such.

3/ Galloway describes his new party as “a broad coalition” that will promote “old Labour values.”

4/ John Rees of the actual, existing Respect (SWP wing) described Galloway’s candidacy as “a shame”, but was sure Respect “would do very well without him” (the SWP-wing of Respect is fielding the leading philospher and Marxist intellectual Ms Lindsey German for Mayor – a strong challenge, obviously).

5/ Galloway appears to have consulted no-one within either wing of Respect, about his candidacy or about the “progressive list.”

6/ Galloway says his new outfit will include “some Respect members as well as people not part of Respect.”

7/ There is no evidence that Galloway has consulted his new-found (since the split with the SWP) bag-carriers and sycophants Socialist Resistance, athough some of them have welcomed his move, after the event.

8/ Galloway hates and despises Trots – including (perhaps especially), those “Trots” that suck up to him.

9/ He worships power and powerful men, and holds democracy in contempt.

10/ He’s a Stalinist.

11/ Socialist Action are Stalinists.

12/ Ken Livingstone is a powerful man who despises democracy.

13/ Socialist Action are Livingstone’s political gofers and hench-persons.

14/ Galloway likes being surrounded by gofers and hench-persons, especially if they’re Stalinists and/or communalist Tammany Hall-style operators.

15/ Galloway wrote this, timed to appear today.

…Draw your own conclusions…

P.S: this, from Janine, over at the Stroppies, is also of interest.

P.P.S: This is truly tragi-comic… 


  1. voltairespriest said,

    Yeah but he’s got those brilliant political strategists and subtle sultan of spin, Sideshows Ron and Ger, on his side!

  2. twp77 said,

    Liam has claimed in the comments on his site that the East London Advertiser has conflated a few issues. According to him, Galloway will be running under the RR banner but the ELA has claimed that this is “not Respect”. Regardless, it is all incredibly confusing.

  3. modernity said,

    It seems to me the same old pattern:

    Galloway decides something, gets the ball rolling then tells his political associates, who although on the back foot, go along with it and say that was the plan all along

    I wonder when RRers will get bored of Galloway’s antics?

  4. Uncanny said,


    What are the chances of that happening, eh?

  5. modernityblog said,

    what was shocking was that ANY Leftie on SU blog knew what a proxy was, and how to use it

  6. d.z. bodenberg said,

    Do they really know what a proxy is. Judging by this sentence: ” It seems the person or persons doing this purchased an IP address from the United States and is using a proxy server to mask their identity. “, I’m not too sure. “Purchasing an IP address from the USA” could just mean “going online via AOL”, and what do they mean by the proxy server bit? Surely the IP address shown as being the origin of the comments concerned is that of the supposed proxy used? But no, it’s gotta be all very secret and James Bond-like.

  7. tim said,


    Code for.
    Galloway consulted no one before he went off on the “Back Ken” stuff.
    What a shock.

  8. d.z. bodenberg said,

    “Spinner” is an abusive German term meaning..hmm
    all of these:

    Please remove this nasty, racist, rather unflattering link at BBC Somerset.

    A bit careless, registering a far-left(ish) website using your work email address, I would have thought. If email is just the electronic equivalent of sending a postcard, where every postal sorting office it reaches makes a copy of it and files it away somewhere, then registering such a website using such details is the same as putting up something on the work’s intranet and putting a hard copy on the employer’s noticeboard. Not clever.

  9. Martin Ohr said,

    but he must have a very understanding employer though because he seems to be blogging 24 hours per day,

    btw my wife was looking over my shoulder as I was looking at the whois entry and said “I bet I can find out how much he paid for his house” and sure enough those details are freely available on the web too.

  10. d.z. bodenberg said,

    I bet…. the internet is worrying sometimes, isn’t it. And especially the lack of knowledge of how it works, in particular amongst the left and amongst trade unionists. I tried to encourage the ‘workers’ representatives’ at then my workplace (one of which I was once) to go on a (paid for by the employer) union training course on IT and security. They couldn’t understand the idea at all. And when it came down to the basic stuff, like comparing emails to postcards, they couldn’t get that either – never mind using the firm’s intranet for ‘private’ union communication and having email addresses on the firms servers….

    In the end I had to give in and join in and use these email addresses and networks as otherwise I would have been totally shut out. I have no idea if the employer was interested in the internal emails. Frankly they didn’t really need to be interested – but if the reps were a bit more ‘fighting’ they might have been. And it wouldn’t have been difficult to read the entire communication between workers and their reps…

  11. d.z. bodenberg said,

    This all reminds me, I must do a post on how Nokia are closing a factory built in Bochum in Germany (built due to EU subsidies, which resulted in the closure of a Finnish factory beforehand), to replace it with one in Romania (to be built thanks to EU subsidies). That’s another side of the ‘left and technology’ debate…

  12. voltaires_priest said,

    What’s more, they haven’t considered an option that wouldn’t even require them to be IT literate… that Andy may have pissed someone off who actually lives in the USA… but as you say, they nevertheless feel the need to wrap the whole thing up in pompous and clandestine language.

  13. Not from Dundee said,

    Nooman’s good and close to the dog grooming salon though. Handy.

  14. d.z. bodenberg said,

    The secret’s out re. how AN manages to blog around the clock:

    So, who’s going to be blogging under the name of AN now?

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