The worst Democratic candidate

December 30, 2007 at 3:46 pm (Democrats, elections, United States, voltairespriest)

As can be seen from comments on this blog and others, there is some disagreement amongst progressives – those who do intend to support the Democrats in 2008 – about which candidate to support. One thing everyone’s pretty sure of though, is who we don’t want:


  1. Eric Lee said,

    A terrific video – and a point well made. John Edwards is the candidate progressive Democrats should be supporting in 2008.

  2. O. said,

    Folks as good a labor game Edwards talks, read this about Edwards’ hawkish stances not only in 2002, but all the way up to 2004:

    Edwards did not only support the war, like Hillary, but he wrote an Op-Ed piece at the time (the same time Obama was speaking out against the war) arguing for the need to attack. The Bush administration posted the article on it’s website they liked it so much. Moreover, he voted in favor of a bill written up by Republicans praising Bush for the way he dealt with Iraq. When TWO YEARS later Tim Russert asked him if would’ve supported the war knowing that Saddam didn’t have WMD’s, Edwards answered YES!

    There is a link to the full article on my blog.

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