Galloway Mourns His Pro-War “friend”

December 28, 2007 at 1:32 pm (Galloway, Respect, truth, TWP, war)

George Galloway has come out in mourning for the “Daughter of the West” – a woman who supported both the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and has been accused of being complicit in the murder of her brother. He even goes so far as to say he was going to be on the campaign trail with her from the 2nd of January, 2008. Respect Renewal supporters will undoubtedly continue to make excuses for Galloway and fail to explain to the rest of the Left in Britain as to why their MP was going to be campaigning for a pro-war candidate in another country. It is unsurprising, however, as Galloway had close links with the Bhutto regime in the past (see article below Galloway’s statement):

George Galloway the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow was a friend of Benazir Bhutto for more than twenty five years. He was on air at Talksport when news of the attack on Ms Bhutto came through. He will discuss the crisis in Pakistan on his next show, Friday 28th, at 10pm.

Benazir Bhutto is yet another martyr from a family whose tragedy would have taxed Shakespeare himself. Her father, both brothers and now she have been murdered one way or another whilst serving Pakistan. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto the founder of the Pakistan Peoples Party was hanged by the military tyrants who have sucked Pakistan’s blood since its foundation. Her brothers, Shahnawaz was poisoned, and Mir Murtaza was gunned down in much the same way as she now has been herself. I have no doubt that Benazir has been murdered by the dictatorship of “president” General (Retd) Parvaiz Musharraf. The professionalism of the assassination, the way in which the killer managed to get within pistol range of the opposition leader, the decoy “suicide bomb” story.. all point to the intelligence apparatus of the dictatorship being involved in the crime. But it is worse than a crime, it’s a blunder. A terrible wave of violence and extremism will now sweep and perhaps break Pakistan. I was lucky enough to be Benazir’s friend from the time she arrived thin, bleeding from her ears as a result of ill-treatment in the Rawalpindi jail in the early 1980s. I was with her when she became the first elected woman leader of a Muslim country in 1988, with her too when she was twice deposed with western collusion and in her long exiles. She was the bravest woman I ever met, bright brave and beautiful. I planned to be with her on the campaign trail from January 2nd. I am broken hearted that I will never see her again.

Galloway was questioned over his involvement with the Bhutto regime in a 1998 BBC Newsnight report:

Pakistan Ran Secret UK Campaign on Kashmir
28th June 1998

LONDON, The former Pakistani Prime Minister, Ms. Benazir Bhutto allegedly ran a secret campaign on Kashmir from the Pak. High Commission in London, draining huge funds to “woo” British lawmakers for toeing Islamabad’s line on the issue, a BBC report disclosed.

“The former Pakistan High Commissioner to U.K., Mr. Wajid Shamsul Hasan was given access to hundreds of thousands of pounds from the so called Pakistan Projection Fund for this secret campaign,” the BBC reported on Thursday alleging that maverick Labour Member of Parliament, Mr. George Galloway was the “kingpin” in the project.

Correspondence between Mr. Galloway and the successive Prime Ministers, Ms. Bhutto and Mr. Nawaz Sharif on the channeling of funds for creating a “National lobby on Kashmir” among members of British Parliament, was displayed as evidence in the documentary shown in the prime time `Newsnight’ programme.

Ms. Bhutto, at one instance, had allocated pound 547,000 to enable Mr. Galloway publish a pro-Pakistan newspaper called East, which had Mr. Galloway and Mr. Hasan as the founding member and a fellow director, the report said. The revelations are likely to cause a major embarrassment to the Labour Government, particularly the Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth office, Mr. Derek Fatchett, who has started a dialogue with pro-Pakistani Kashmiri groups here.

`Newsnight’ quoted former editor of East, Mr. Nadene Ghouri, handpicked by Mr. Galloway himself, as admitting, “I was working with Mr. Galloway from the beginning and was aware of lots of documents floating around, lots of cheques and bank accounts for the lobby work on Kashmir.” `Newsnight’ has also obtained documents signed by Mr. Galloway acknowledging the receipts of one cheque for pound 50,000 and another for ten thousand pounds on behalf of the “National lobby on Kashmir.”

These events would create similar ripples in the House of Commons as the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee last year expressed its concern after Mr. Galloway admitted receiving pound 50,000 from the opposition parties in Saudi Arabia.

`Newsnight’ said when approached Mr. Galloway refused to tell them where the money came from and where it was banked but claimed in a letter that National lobby on Kashmir was “supporting a struggle against a brutal enemy”.

After the launch of the newspaper East, `Newsnight’ reported that as the paper ran up huge debts and desperate for funds, Mr. Galloway rushed to Pakistan to plead with new Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif for more official Pakistani funds, even though his well-wisher Ms. Bhutto had been ousted.

The BBC said after Mr. Galloway’s intervention in Islamabad, the Pakistan Government agreed to pay another pound 189,000 to keep East going upto elections in Britain.


  1. tim said,

    Galloways statement claims he’ll be discussing this on his radio show tonight.
    There’s one thing for sure.
    The spiv wont take any caslls relating to the cash from Bhutto or where it went.
    His support for Musharrafs coup will also be denied.

    “KNOWING Pakistan’s previous Prime Minister as I do, I can well understand why they appear to be dancing in the streets of the Punjab after last week’s military coup. The only surprise is that it has taken the men in khaki so long to make their move.

    Nawaz Sharif, now under house arrest (in the same house in which both he and his nemesis, Benazir Bhutto, have twice been incarcerated before), sacked the president whose coup d’etat against Bhutto brought him to power. He then axed the Chief Justice when he couldn’t trump up charges against Bhutto quickly enough.

    He also ousted the former chief of army staff when he proved less than pliant. But his bid to remove the second army chief less than a year later was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The famously gluttonous Prime Minister has finally bitten off more than even he could chew. Now he and his supporters will be witch-hunted as they witch-hunted Benazir, and the whole dismal rickety cycle will begin to turn again. The truth is that war is too important to be left to generals, but in poor third world countries like Pakistan, politics is too important to be left to petty squabbling politicians. Pakistan is always on the brink of breaking apart into its widely disparate components. Only the armed forces can really be counted on to hold such a country together.

    General Musharris [sic] seems an upright sort to me and he should be given a chance to put Pakistan’s house in order before managing to return to normal politics.

    Democracy is a means, not an end in itself and it has a bad name on the streets of Karachi and Lahore.”

  2. tim said,

    Grubby Spiv and Sideshow Ron

    Galloway firm had £360,000 hole in accounts
    Gareth Walsh and Jon Ungoed-Thomas
    GEORGE GALLOWAY is at the centre of new financial allegations this weekend after revelations that a report on one of his firms found that more than £360,000 could not be properly accounted for.
    The company’s auditors said that almost £50,000 of spending could not be explained, and the firm could not properly detail its sources of income or produce evidence of an alleged deal to pay a £135,000 debt.

    It has previously been claimed that Benazir Bhutto, then the Pakistani prime minister, paid £135,000 to the media company Asian Voice. Galloway denied acting improperly in receiving the money.

    The latest revelation comes after allegations last week, also denied by Galloway, that he had received up to £375,000 a year from Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq as part of a secret oil deal.

    Galloway co-founded Asian Voice while he was an MP.

    He set up offices in London and published a newspaper called East to report Asian current affairs.

    An audit of its accounts led to concerns over hundreds of thousands of pounds. The London auditors, Morley & Scott, published a “disclaimer” in their report because of inadequate records, saying there had been such serious gaps in information they could not even decide whether the accounts met with legal requirements.

    The gaps included a missing explanation of how £49,842 had been spent. The firm also failed properly to account for how it received £180,000 income because nobody could show how many newspapers it had distributed.

    The auditors were also concerned about a £135,000 debt that the firm stated it was planning to pay in a deal that would supply an unnamed creditor with free articles and advertisements. Morley & Scott said they could find no documents relating to the deal. Shortly after the audit was published, it was alleged that Galloway had secured £135,000 from Bhutto for the newspaper. The money was allegedly channelled though the company to fund East in the hope it would promote her government’s views.

    Galloway accepted the title had received money but said it was in exchange for advertising and newspapers. He denied it was funding to “press the prime minister’s line”.

    Galloway was director and company secretary of Asian Voice, which is now dissolved, during the year the accounting gaps occurred. By the time of the audit in 1998, he had resigned, however, handing his directorship to his friend Ron McKay, who later signed the accounts.

    McKay is involved in another firm, Arab TV, with Jordanian businessman Fawaz Zureikat, allegedly named in Iraqi intelligence reports as Galloway’s front man in an operation to buy Iraqi oil, an allegation Zureikat denies.

    Galloway was last week preparing for a legal battle after allegations he had received money from Saddam’s regime. However, he concedes that documents allegedly linking him to the payments may not be forgeries. “I can’t answer for anything that anyone else has done,” he said last week.

    The office of the attorney-general, Lord Goldsmith, last week announced the Charity Commission is to investigate an appeal set up by Galloway to help a sick Iraqi girl. The commission’s remit will cover allegations that the Mariam Appeal, which funded several of Galloway’s overseas trips, had used “charitable funds for non-charitable purposes”.

    When asked about the Asian Voice auditors’ report, Galloway said: “This concerns a defunct newspaper and a company which no longer exists.” McKay was not available.

  3. faceless said,

    I’m a cunt.

  4. Jim Denham said,

    Anyone understand what ‘Respect Renewal”s only credible figure maens by the following (in yesterday’s Morning Star)?

    “In Britain, Birmingham Respect councillor Salma Yaqoob told of her shock at Ms Bhutto’s death, noting tat she had been ‘an iconic figure in the context of being a woman who returned from exile to stand for election.’

    “Ms Yaqoob pointed out that ‘the war on terror has been disatrous for the country,’ saying ‘There is no doubt that it was a contributing factor in what happened today.'”

    Semiotigists: unravel that lot, if you will!

  5. johng said,

    Well Jim, there is no doubt that she was an iconic figure, both because of what her family represented (her father perhaps being the most popular politician in Pakistan’s history as well as being hung by the military) and because, as a woman, she was seen as challenging gender stereotypes.

    Its also true of course that the war on terror has strengthened rather then weakened the hold of the military, as well as having fueled reactionary and conservative islamist politics to a degree unprescedented in the countries history (its important to understand both things).

    I don’t really see why you would think these sentiments ‘confusing’. Fairly obvious things to say really.

  6. johnnypeepers said,

    Galloway is a duplicitous fool.


    […]  at 3:15 am […]

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