How do you solve a problem like Will?

December 5, 2007 at 9:39 pm (cyberspace, deviants, voltairespriest)

As you’ll all be aware (whether you happen to approve or not), I really dislike deleting comments, and only do it as a last resort. Unlike some, I might add. That’s because I believe that even those whom I happen to think talk a load of arse generally deserve the right to air their views. However, it won’t have escaped the notice of the eagle-eyed that one of our commenters appears to have reduced himself to a demented ranting wreck at the moment, and I’m trying to decide what would be the kindest thing to do. He’s not a bad bloke, really, although he annoys me at times. I don’t want to ban him, as I’m given to tolerate even the most obnoxious individuals as long as they’re not known by me to be politically active extreme right-wingers (best hope I never see anything that contradicts your story, Resistor…).

So, as I say, I’m trying to work out what to do with this chap. Thought I’d open it up to the floor. Go ahead, if you have a view one way or the other.

(Hat-tip for the title of this post: Stroppybird)


  1. Ian said,

    Before I start, I’m the non-socialist who came along to the drinks on Saturday so as far as you’re likely to get I’m an impartial observer.

    The goings on involving ‘resistor’ and all the other ”istors’ are one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen on any blog anywhere. It’s a cliche, but this is the sort of thing that gives far-leftists a bad name.

    Epithets like “racist”, “fascist/fash”, “anti-semite” etc. etc. are being tossed around like confetti on both sides, and there isn’t even a symbolic attempt at reconciliation.

    Ian (bemused observer)

  2. voltairespriest said,

    They’re the product of something – “Resistor” is an idiot incidentally, for whom I have no time at all, however the other “istors” are mainly the guy to whom I’m referring. It’s like watching a moron being abused by a nutter who has lost all sense of rationality.

  3. sackcloth and ashes said,

    If this is Will from the Drink Soaked Trots, then my feeling is for God’s sake don’t ban him. He does go off on one at times, and does tend to rant at people who don’t deserve it, but if it comes to what he believes him, and what Shiraz Socialist is all about, there is common cause.

    After all, if you want to ban people from this site, then block pseudo-‘Socialists’ like ‘resistor’ (who never resisted anything, other than the acquisition of common sense) and that fucking fight-arm in right-angles man Paddy Garcia. Because they are a bunch of frauds, and a fucking disgrace. They would do a Strasser at the drop of a hat.

    Keep Will, ban the pseuds.

  4. Ian said,

    One thing you could do short of banning people is delete any comment that directs one of the following words or phrases at another commenter: “racist”, “fascist/fash”, “anti-semite”, “islamofascist/fash-islam”, and delete any comment that implies that another commenter should be killed or harmed. This would at least eliminate the worst of the personal abuse that is going on.

  5. voltairespriest said,


    Not long ago, I would have said exactly the same thing. However the guy’s comments have changed from rapier-like politics behind a sweary exterior, to rantings remniscent of a guy who’s been swilling Frosty Jack from the bottle for a decade or three. I’d like to see him comment in the way he used to, is all.

  6. Dr Paul said,

    I’ve had reason to complain about this individual before. My feeling about the internet is that debates should be held in the same manner as a public meeting or a chat amongst people down the pub. If someone is insulting others in the discussion, then he should be asked to behave more appropriately, and, if he refuses to do so, he should be asked to go elsewhere. When confronted by an ill-mannered individual — such as our Mr Garcia — the daftest thing to do is start retaliating in the same manner.

    Whilst I dislike the idea of deleting posts, the sort of exchange of insults that we’ve had looks bad to newcomers (who thinks that he or she has come across a crowd on maniacs), is boring for the regular viewer, and makes serious commentary difficult to follow. Deletion is, I guess, the best equivalent of showing an objectionable bloke the door. Those keen on descending into billingsgate might think twice before doing so again.

  7. Lobby Ludd said,

    From the original post, I don’t think VP was talking about who to ‘ban’, rather about how to deal with a situation where an open policy allows certain individuals to go loopy, insulting all and sundry.

    Sackcloth appears to prefer Will’s politics, and thinks they are in keeping with those of this site. I don’t see that myself, all I see in Will is obscene, intemperate insults and violent fantasies.

    Let him speak, his friends would stop him.

  8. Dave said,

    C’mon Volty, the only worthwhile comments policy for a political blog is ‘let it rock’. No moderation. Deletions/bans only in the most exceptional circumstances, and then not for foul language. Don’t be such a wuss.

  9. Jim Denham said,

    I agree with Dave.

  10. Simon B said,

    I’d rather see Will comment here than Resistor.

    Dave – I think you’re right, but I do remember being ‘booked’ at your blog for objecting to Andy Newman calling me a racist.

  11. sackcloth and ashes said,

    Volty’s got a point, but perhaps the proverbial equivalent of a yellow card will do.

    Lobby Ludd – Will may have a potty mouth, but he’s a sworn enemy of the pro-totalitarian left, which means he has a lot in common with Shiraz Socialist.

  12. A view from the outside said,

    You’re all fucking bonkers, the lot of you. This blog’s the closest thing online to a mental asylum.

    p.s – the last letters in Paddy’s surname are “CIA” – coincidence or not?

  13. Paulie said,

    Yes. I got a yellow card at Dave’s site once, but I honestly think it was based on a misreading on his part. He’d ignored all sorts of bollocks from me in other posts and then objected to something that wasn’t even *that* snarky.

    It *is* very annoying being called a c*nt by someone who is obviously not very clever. But you can’t really say that about Comrade Rubbish.

  14. voltaires_priest said,


    Moderation not proposed. Although the comment “his friends would delete him” gives me a little pause…

  15. Ryan said,

    Obviously you’d want to avoid taking the Drink-Soaked Trots route and just ban those who disagree with you…maybe just let him hang himself in public.

    Nice to see Will’s Angry Young (?) Nerd act is starting to wear thin on people…

  16. pillock watch said,

    The fella’s another fantasist (or fantasistor) with some urge to make out he’s a tough lad and up for it. The web is packed to the rafters with his sort, right across the poltical spectrum, and basically, despite strenuous bullshitting, all of a fascist murderous mindset.

    He’s a pillock. As for the idea that he’s especially bright, he’s entirely as much a fake in that respect as any other copier and paster with a blog. Will’s World.

    Give him enough rope though. Let the boy sing,

  17. Jim Denham said,

    In defence of Will: he comes out with some very shrewd insights into the foolishness of a lot of “left-wing common sense”, especially that element that seems happy to tolerate tryanny in the same of “anti-imperialism”; and even when he’s wrong he’s usually worth reading. He can also be very, very funny (funny ha-ha, I mean). His ocassional excesses are, IMHO, a small price to pay for his wit and wisdom.

  18. Lobby Ludd said,

    I have seen neither wit nor wisdom for a long while from Will.

    He has unfailingly called me a racist and anti-semite without any kind of evidence, and never justified his accusations if challenged.

    He has unnecessarily created an enemy for himself. (At least one.)

    Let’s see the ‘wit and wisdom’, perhaps under another name – ‘Ashes and Sackcloth’, maybe. Talent will out.

    A virtual quibble about a virtual problem, but even in the virtual reality of blogs etc. certain manners should apply.

  19. voltaires_priest said,

    It’s not really even a question of manners for me; never had many myself. However I think the difference is that the old witty tirades of which Jim is speaking have degenerated into barely coherent ranting and threats. That leaves me being pushed into looking like Wrestling Boy Lenin and beginning to routinely delete comments. Hence I don’t want to go down that road if at all possible.

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