Come Drinking With Jim Denham – this weekend!!!

November 27, 2007 at 1:01 pm (Anti-Racism, beer, blogging, blogosphere, deviants, good people, left, TWP, whiskey, whisky, wild man)


We’re rounding up the Lefty Bloggers again for another piss up. This Saturday the 1st of December is the proposed date – starting at 4pm and ending God knows when at the Euston Flyer on Euston Road. It’s holiday time which means Santa Jim will be handing out the JDs and ESBs to all of the good lefty boys and girls!

There are a good deal of events taking place on Saturday – but we should be there for some time so feel free to pop along. Hopefully we can get some of the UNISON degenrates along as well.

Everyone is welcome!!!


  1. capacitor said,

    This is a clear provocation aimed at the Nooomanoids.


  2. twp77 said,


  3. stroppybird said,

    Andy is welcome to join us 🙂

  4. Mike said,

    Comrades, please consider coming along to the No Sweat benefit at 7 at the Ivy House pub in Southampton Row (Holborn Tube). It’s for the best of causes, the beer and food are both excellent (I can vouch for this as an overweight heavy drinker!) and most of all, it’ll be fun! 🙂

  5. The Tube said,

    Residents of London are reminded that there are other places in Britain outside your stinking shithole of a city and, if you removed your heads from your arses for just a couple of minutes, you may realise that the M25 is not the edge of the Earth. Please mind the gap … and have a pleasant journey.

  6. twp77 said,

    Nice Tube – Actually since most of us are in London we try to have them in London nearest stations going to outside cities that allow others to attend – but something tells me it’s not your thing anyway. In addition, there have been a few Birmingham piss ups in the last year to my knowledge.

  7. stroppybird said,

    We have had a mini piss up in Brum that I was at and I did also meet with bloggies when I was in Edinburgh, once with Cat and Eddie and the other time with the ever charming Will Rubbish and the delightful Hakmao. You may have come across them 🙂

    I also do not live in London and would happily go to other places.

  8. The Tube said,

    TWP: Good thing I didn’t use the one about Americans talking too loudly then isn’t it?

    Seriously, unless there’s plenty of advance notice the costs involved in travelling to London – for any event – are significant: train fares, accommodation etc.

  9. stroppybird said,

    There usually is more notice and point taken re fares.

    Its usually planned in advance and to coincide with some other event that people may be going to.

    I think we were all just feeling pissed off and wanted to get drunk 🙂

    oh and usually people can crash at the london bloggers places .

  10. resistor said,

    Unable to defend Denham’s support for Amis’ racism, you all probably need a drink. Historically alcohol has been the lubricant that’s eased the passage from left to right, Amis’ dad was a prime example. For some reason this night’s proceedings remind me Satre’s ‘Huis Clos’.

  11. capacitor said,

    Chicken farmer with round spectacles is back.

    Crush underfoot the farmer but please dear readers and comrades — think of the chickens. Foster care is not always a pleasant experience.

    cheep cheep.

  12. Andy said,


    I really am sorry.

    I think the remarks you made about GG were in good faith, and you do have a right to raise them, and sexism shouldn’t be minimised or excused.

    I probably handled it really badly, but I felt that the over-reaction to GG’s Kylie remarks were self-serving from a lot of people.

    And what i handled really badly was the issue of criticisng Stroppy and you.

    I genuinely do think you have a double standard, but that shouldn’t invalidate your right to criticse what you expereinced as offensive sexism.

  13. modernityblog said,


    you have this habit, you make crass stupid remarks, you make unnecessarily demeaning remarks towards some women on blogs

    and later on, you go “oh, I apologise…” [until the next time]

    so why don’t you just grow up and learn not to do it in the first place?

    you’re not at university anymore, there’s no need to demean female comrades when they bring up issues, it is uncalled for

    and yes, I been following the threads

    I am an avid reader of SU blog, although I’d rather pluck my toenails out with a blunt screwdriver than comment on your restrictive blog

    so how you act is up to you, but don’t go on thinking that you can muck it up time after time, then say “sorry” and all is forgiven

    you owe Jim Denham an apology, therefore, why not swallow your sectarian bile and do it?

  14. capacitor said,

    Nooooman so sorry.

    nooman afraid. shitty jumper wearer afraid. nooman in no danger of getting a shag — nooman very sorry — hopes can get a shag through apology.

    noooman a racist.

  15. capacitor said,

    Nooman a fuckkscum.

    Clean up that fuckscum.

  16. voltaires_priest said,


    You owe Jim an apology for that libel.

    For that matter whilst you’re at it, I’d like one too, for your ongoing untrue allegations at myself for “bullying” someone by disagreeing with them in a thread.

  17. Darren said,


    capacitor one of your friends?

  18. voltaires_priest said,

    Dunno who s/he is.

  19. Karl-Marx-Straße said,

    “Noooman Shitty jumper wearer”? Where’s the evidence? Are there photos?

  20. twp77 said,

  21. capacitor said,

    All racists like Noooman wear shitty jumpers with holes in the elbows.

    He wears a leather jacket with corduroy elbow patches also. Another example of him getting things the wrong way round.

    Reeeshitster has a tatto on his forhead — it spells out T W A T.

  22. capacitor said,

    Resistor resistor

    So like Graham Lister*

    Assuming of course that you’re a Mr

    Inbreed no doubt and shagging your sister

    On humanities arse a festering blister

    *out of Vic Reeves Big Night Out

  23. capacitor said,

    Resistor farms chickens in Austria

    He fucks them in bed with his swastika

    By day he’s a twat

    By night he’s a prat

    But mostly he’s

    A fan of fascism in Syria

  24. A Bad Poet said,

    There was a spiv fucker named George

    On Kylie’s arse he wanted to engorge

    He whipped out his broom handle

    Created a scandal

    A sexist party he’s gone on to forge

  25. Doug said,

    What a charming thread. I’ve been a socialist since i was a teenager i.e. nearly 40 years ago and if this is what’s on offer I think I’d rather get pissed with Nick Griffin.

  26. twp77 said,

    Good Doug – why don’t you go do that? Everyone knows all any of us do is write horrible limericks………………

  27. capacitor said,

    There was an old -timer called Doug

    He read Shiraz Socialist with a shrug

    “If this is what’s on offer”

    “I think I’ll not bother”

    And off he shuffled to the pub.

  28. twp77 said,

    Teee heee! Oh and I have added a photo to this post for your viewing pleasure!

  29. Karl-Marx-Straße said,

    So ‘capacitor’ / ‘a bad poet’ (indeed) are ‘tim’ then? Use of the word ‘spiv’ gives it away every time.

  30. modernityblog said,

    a limerick or two is never anew
    tread gently or you’ll get the flu
    work is the curse of the drinking classes
    for we never know where to put our glasses

  31. capacitor said,

    Not Tim — now apologise or I give you another poem.

  32. Karl-Marx-Straße said,

    I’m so sorry, spiv.

  33. spirit of christmas past said,

    jim ..jim..jim…you know how to whistle don’t you jim?

  34. capacitor said,

    PS. I think Bad Poet is Tim as well. But Bad Poet is not capacitor.

    I’m Spartacus.

    Cheep cheep.

  35. Ian said,

    Are moderate libertarians like me welcome?

  36. twp77 said,

    Yes Ian! Please come along!

  37. entdinglichung said,

    And in the Euston tavern you screamed it was your shout
    But they wouldnt give you service so you kicked the windows out
    They took you out into the street and kicked you in the brains
    So you walked back in through a bolted door and did it all again

    (The Pogues: The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn)


  38. thickos said,

    “Dunno who s/he is.”

    Never been the brightest button in the basket have you?

    My g_d the rest of you are a dense lot. None of you can work out who “capacitor” is?

    Clue – he prefers C Hitchens to S Hundel.

  39. Simon B said,

    I knew who it was. I didn’t want to spoil it though.

  40. modernityblog said,

    a bit obvious ain’t it?

  41. capacitor said,

    I’m spartacus

  42. capacitor said,

    PS. Who is this Hundel fellow mentioned above?

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