Mind you…

November 25, 2007 at 8:38 pm (AWL, voltairespriest, whisky, wine)

… there are better things to do than watching apparatchiks lying about decent people on blogs, ya know 😉


  1. resistor said,

    Denham a ‘decent’? I think you’ve given the game away.

  2. capacitor said,

    Look at that.

    Am antisemite scrawling nonsense on internets.

  3. SP said,

    I know Jim and he is not a racist. (The allegation is baseless, apolitical shite – I do not know if Newman repeats it, if he does he is a moron).

    I only know resistor as an anonymous half-wit who always seems to be talking bollocks whenever I have a look at this site. This moderators are over indulgent of him. Delete his comments.

  4. resistor said,

    Well done SP (not anonymous yourself of course) another blow for free speech!

  5. capacitor said,

    Persistor displays more ignorance. Take a breath on the helium knucklefuck.

    Time to delete the chicken farmer — ignorance is no virtue, nor is it worth giving it a platform (pace Oxford Union Masturbating Society).

  6. SP said,

    My point was with regard to you and Jim Denham and not me an you – my initials have not proved too hard even for half-wits like you to decipher in any event.

    “free speech” – so that means, and I am sorry to repeat myself, making groundless anonymous allegations against people over-generous regarding your abuse of their private web space. Fuck off and exercise your free speech elsewhere.

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