Back to the future with the Graun (via Tel Aviv)

November 8, 2007 at 8:26 pm (anti-semitism, cyberspace, Guardian, Jim D, media, publications)

“In commencing the publication of the Guardian, we are entering on a course not only new, but in a considrable degree pre-occupied; and where our progress is impeded, at least by the number of our competitord.

“We believe, however, that by industry and attention, by displaying a will to cater judiciously for the public taste, and contributing, however humbly, to the public improvement, the success of our undertaking may be secured – that we shall obtain that support which we do not expect; and, in fact, ought not to wish for on any other terms.”

That is from the first ever Guardian editorial, published on 5th May 1821. I am able to quote it because the present-day Graun (and its stable-mate, The Observer -dob: 1791) , have just launched a marvellous online searchable archive of all their articles right back to the beginning. Here you can read contemporary reports of the Peterloo massacre (which, it seems, inspired the creation of the Graun as an organ for electoral reform), the Napoleonic wars, the campaign against the slave trade, the death of Karl Marx, the sinking of the Titanic, the Dr Crippen case, etc, etc… an absolute treasure trove for professional historians and amateur bloggers alike.

You can subscribe at very reasonable rates here and until 30th November they’re offering 24-hour free passes.

This brilliant development is all the more attractive, because using it will be one in the eye for the “boycott Israel” fanatics. Mind you, it’s a dead cert that most of that bunch of hypocrites will be using it on the sly.

Hat-tip: a “well funded” triumvirate of Linda Grant, Engage and Modernity


  1. modernityblog said,


    thanks for that, your eyesight’s better than mine, I didn’t notice the freebie.

    I might use it to look up the Observer’s attitude toward Mosley, was reading some thing that Kershaw (I think) wrote, and it suggested they were apologists for him in the 1930s, but I’d like to check it directly.

  2. Academic Boycott of the Guardian? « ModernityBlog said,

    […] Update: There is a freebie one-day pass up until the 30th November 2007, which I missed but Jim at Shiraz Socialist so ably spotted. […]

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Actually, now I come to tink about it, the title of this should have been: “Forward to the past with the Graun”…then everyone woulf have marvelled at my wit and wisdom…I even considered chaging it…but it’s too late, really, isn’t it? Just goes to show, though, that we should all put more thoughjt into this sort of thing, eh?

  4. tim said,

    How much is the Seumas Milne filter as an add on?

  5. Jim Denham said,

    Oh, go on: he’s slandered Ed Husain as a “neo-con” in his column today (not the first time, either): he obviously supports Islamism and hates brave folk who’ve broken with it (like Husain). Please go onto “Cif” and denounce him (Milne) as a “public school Stalinist”: I think that descrption should be repeated *ad naseam* whenever this Taliban-supporting upper-class twat raises his priviledged head.

  6. Dr Paul said,

    ‘This brilliant development is all the more attractive, because using it will be one in the eye for the “boycott Israel” fanatics.’

    Why them? Why not anyone else whom you find objectionable? You really are obsessed with the boycotters.

    That said, please remember that I’m not in favour of the Israel boycott strategy.

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