A real working-class hero

October 27, 2007 at 5:52 pm (left, Respect, SWP, voltairespriest)

Behold the image of the man to whom this blog is about to come out in support of, in a critical but unconditional fashion. Detailed statement coming shortly. Meanwhile, Go Johnny Go Go Go!

Or, in the words of George Galloway, “Fuck off, off you go!”

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  1. modernityblog said,

    as a fan of Shiraz Socialist, I have to say this is not one of your best posts 🙂

    I am third camp on this one, read Jerry Hicks resignation letter and see his points.

    Still, I admire your candour.

  2. voltairespriest said,

    Modernity: whilst I respect your principled position, I have to say – comrade- that you are clearly unattuned to the conjunctral and epochal convergence of situations that the present crisis is merely a pale reflection of: the crisis within ‘Respect’ is merely the reflection of the international conjuncture of the crisis of imperialism…and capitalism itself!
    Those who shirk from the requirement of rising to this historically-determined task. shall be branded throughout history with infamy, if not a bullet!

  3. modernityblog said,

    comrade volty,

    sadly, I am only part way thru “Post Modernism, Jargon and Slogans for the 21st century” so I will have to defer to your dialectical magnificence on this multifaceted and intricate matter.

    I understand that the SWP will be releasing poster size pictures of John Rees as part of the concerted campaign against Galloway-Titoistic deviationism, and rightly so.

  4. voltairespriest said,

    … to put it in classically trotty language (ahem).

  5. modernityblog said,

    cmr. Volty,

    I know, I know, I should have said, the tasks of the proletarian vanguard necessitate a structural change to the political orientation concerning commissar,er, comrade Galloway

    we must transcend these artificial barriers avoiding sectarian hysteria but the shamefaced bureaucratism that has crept into the movement must be stopped, I have in the past offer oppositional views on popular-frontism and will continue to do so, but I feel there are major stumbling blocks along this path, and we should not countenance heretic-burnings.

    I hope I have made my view fully clear.

    PS: it is bloody hard work using this lingo

  6. voltaires_priest said,

    As Dr, Evil said to his son, Scott:
    “You just don’t geddit, do you?”

  7. twp77 said,

    I don’t agree with this “support” of the SWP. I will report back on the StWC later tonight as I am knackered – but needless to say – I am more convinced than ever that “a pox on both your houses” is the absolute correct position to take – particularly as I just sat through hours of the SWP leadership – along with Murray – telling all of us that opposing an attack on Iran meant “not taking a position” on the Iranian regime. This is absolute nonsense. Anyway, as I said a very detailed report on Shiraz later – I am off to take a nap now.

  8. Dave said,


    This post is frankly a fucking insult to the genius of Chuck Berry. And I write as a sometime 335 slinger myself, capable of reproducing every riff and lick of JBG.

    Rees’s entire problem is that he did learn to read and write too well, and cannot play the guitar just like ringin’ a bell. That, and he’s a duplicitous two-faced twat.

    More seriously, the correct political line is to urge SWPers to turf out their existing CC and install some people with a minimum handle on working class politics.

  9. tim said,

    Heres the Observers take on the circus.


  10. modernityblog said,


    keep posting on SU blog!

    isn’t it is all rather predictable that certain elements now would want to close down this debate or control it by “moderation”?

    PS: Dave, how many SWPers could even tell us who are on their Central committee? let alone replace them?

    why wasn’t someone like Jerry Hicks on there in the first place? could it be that he’s a bit too working class?

  11. Andy Newman said,

    Modernity Just out of good manners, you might refrain from telling other people to disrupt debate on other peoples’ blogs.

    There is no attempt to control debate – but members of left groups slaggng each other off is not debate – ia haven’t elerted sucg stuff, just asked people to tne it down.

    And I do not have to accept potentially libellous comments..

  12. modernityblog said,


    I will do as I please, which is exactly what you are doing on the SU blog.

    and you probably won’t understand this but try, I am following the discussion on your blog with great attention, although I don’t comment there.

    if you wish to encourage comradely debate, then set a few limits as Liam does or you’ll have a free for all, surely that must be obvious, given the nature of the debate and the people involved (Donovan, etc)?

    and if you wanted to have a closed debate, then there are plenty of vehicles to do it with

    it is a fairly trivial process, but it is striking isn’t it? that Respect doesn’t even have an elementary electronic forum for debate (not a blog, the two are different), when such things have been around for years and are free to set-up

    perhaps that’s an avenue for you?

    you could set up an electronic forum, a bulletin board and be super administrator, you’d love the power I am sure!

  13. Shabba Goy said,

    Modernity, it won’t be long before any comments on Socialist Unity (the blog to read for news on the disunity of ex-socialists!) critical of the Iranian regime end up being deleted.

    Did you know that it is already ‘illegal’ to post links to Harry’s Place on Andymadinejad Newman’s blog?

  14. Darren said,


    *raises eyebrow*

  15. tim said,

    Andy believes Galloway is a man of financial probity and that to imply anything else is libel.
    Taxi receipt for Andy.

  16. voltaires_priest said,

    Stop being nasty to Nooman. He might have gotten his stance wrong on this one (he’s forgotten that you’re supposed to support the socialists), but I’m sure when he wakes up and smells the coffee, normal service will be resumed.

  17. tim said,

    I seem to have upset Andy.
    He regards it as libellous now to claim that JohnGame supports Hamas or whether George Galloway claims that Jews are foreigners in Jerusalem.

    Both of course are demonstrably true yet deleted.

  18. modernityblog said,

    yes Tim,

    it is astonishing behaviour by Andy Newman, he is increasingly becoming dictatorial in his mannerisms and how he reacts on his blog, a poor state of affairs

  19. tim said,

    Its also strange as I told him about Rob hoveman a while ago.
    Told him about the TH councillors split.

    And I’m now trying to tell him that in return for turning out the Jamaati boys from the East London Mosque for George,George will support Abjol Miahs selection in the Bethnal Green constituency.

    Even that gets deleted.

  20. New allies in the Respect Split « Shiraz Socialist said,

    […] Workers’ Liberty has followed our lead on this issue and come into line behind the forces of Rees, German and the SWP; namely, the left in […]

  21. kammeraten said,

    The man’s really a quite bright intellectual. Displayed here:

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