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October 4, 2007 at 10:38 pm (anonymous, Anti-Racism, anti-semitism, Human rights, Iran, Islam, israel, Jim D, left, liberation, Livingstone, palestine, politics, Respect, thuggery)

Too late, I’m afraid, for this blog to do anything to help build today’s protest in Parliament Square against the deportation of Darfuri Refugees to face death and torture at the hands of the Sudanese government. The Aegis Trust, which organised the event, timed it to co-incide with the Home Office’s appeal hearing at the House of Lords, against a previous Court of Appeal ruling that Darfuri refugees should not be deported: a Refugee Council spokesperson pointed out the “breathtaking hypocrisy (of) the Prime Minister…speak(ing) about the tragedy of Darfur one week, while Home Office lawyers are seeking to overturn the Court of Appeal’s decision the next”.

At the time of writing, I do not know the outcome of the Home Office’s appeal, but I will endevour to keep you informed: meanwhile, all power to the Aegis Trust.

Also a bit late in the day, is notification of this gesture of support for the people of Burma, with particular emphasis upon the murderous dictatorship’s main backer, China: still, better late than never. And there will be a march and rally in solidarity with the people of Burma, assembling at the Tate Modern, London SW1 4RG at 11 am this Saturday (6 October), marching to a rally at Trafalgar Square at 12.45 pm. For more information visit or email

Finally, David T. has taken the initiative in organising a counter-demonstration against the loathsome Al Quds Day march in London this Sunday, 7 October (12 noon, Piccadily Circus, by the statue of Eros). We Shirazers have our differences with Mr T and his Place, but there’s no arguing with what he says in his leaflet:

“Although we have different views on the Middle East conflict, we are here to stand up for the universal values of freedom and equality, emancipation and human rights. We cannot allow supporters of the murderous theocracy established by Khomeni to march unopposed through the streets of London”.

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