A good fillum: here’s my in-depth review

August 19, 2007 at 5:06 pm (Jim D, Uncategorized)

Muscular liberal thwarts neo-cons: car chases, ass-kicking, two nice ladies (but no sex -well, you can’t have everything)…best of all a Guardian journalist gets shot.  Unfortunately not the right one.

Still an’ all, a rattling good show.


  1. Louisefeminista said,

    Hey Jim,

    I just written my own review of the film on Union Futures (shameless plugging). It was bloody brilliant and the scenes at Waterloo station are utterly fantastic and being a action-adventure junkie I was mesmerised (I don’t get out that often btw!). Oh, and the car chases, well, brilliant. There have been comparisons to piss-poor Bond (and they have swiped stunts and fight scenes from Bourne for the last Bond film, Casino Royale…).

    “Two nice ladies”? Think you mean women there, don’t you comrade..? Julia Stiles and Joan Allen are good strong realistic women who can hold their own (and in a fight!). Though the usual “woman in peril” being “rescued” by bloke was evident but for action-adventure this did have good representation of women. And I didn’t mutter any obscentity under my breath once.

    Yes, and no sex. I mean, give the bloke a break he’s still mourning his dead girlfriend. And also it is a 12 certificate so no hanky panky (that’s the BBFC for you!).

    Oh, and don’t be horrible about comrade Milne. He’s a fine journalist…

  2. Jim Denham said,

    Ehh..yes of course I meant “women”, Louise. Still, they *were* nice, weren’t they? And I agree with you that it was 100 per cent better than any Bond film I’ve ever seen. See? We *can* agree about some things.

  3. voltaires_priest said,

    Milne sucks, but I’d probably have him well down the list of people to be shot.

  4. modernityblog said,

    funny volty, but Milne says the same about you!

  5. Louisefeminista said,

    “Ehh..yes of course I meant “women”, Louise”.

    Aww shucks Jim, I was kidding.

    And yes, they were very nice women/ladies too . I mean, you would certainly want Julia Stiles on your side in a fight!!

    And it is a shocking revelation (I will need a lie down with a damp tepid flannel attached to my forehead after scribbling this) but we can, horrors of horrors, agree on some things.

    Bergman and now Bourne. What next, eh?

  6. Will said,

    “Milne sucks, but I’d probably have him well down the list of people to be shot.”

    I wouldn’t. I’d shoot the fucker through the cranium with the most technologically advanced weaponry available at the first oppotunitry. I’d also make sure it hurt. Which is maybe a bit of a non sequitur but I couldn’t give a fuck about that either.

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