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June 27, 2007 at 10:38 pm (blogging, blogosphere, geeks, voltairespriest)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThose of you with altogether too much on your hands may have noticed Southpawpunch’s new companion to his main blog, which tells you all about his comments on other blogs. As all of our regular readers will know, ex-member of Socialist Organiser and current rrrevolutionary PR executive Southpaw is a regular of the UK left-wing blogging scene, and universally popular with all of the figures on it. Although of course, he’s always welcome here as a welcome diversion from my, Jim and TWP’s  usual troupe. As long as he rings ahead to make sure we’re not busy. And as long as we’re not working late and we don’t have to look after the kids. Or go to the pub. Or whatever.

Well, for all you Punchie fans out there, there’s a new show in town. It appears that not everyone has yet seen the light, and some people appear (shockingly) to think he’s a “fucking wanker”. What can I say? The culprits should be hanged.


  1. modernityblog said,

    you have to say that about southpawpunch, he’s a modest and humble individual, not self-centred at all and interested in his own pronouncements

    ahh, in another era he would have been a cult leader but alas now he’s just a Narcissus looking in the far left pond, as an ugly image looks back

    and you can quote me on that!

  2. Southpawpunch said,

    It’s unfortunate that I needed to launch other blogs to pick up this material I write – as I said I’d much rather have it gathered on one multi-stranded site – but I did so because I would hate to lose these comments such as when I, like any other revolutionary socialist, takes apart the rancid articles on this site (or from Modernity) that often side with the oppressors, such as in your unapologetic odes to Zionism.

    I suppose it’s but symptomatic that ABC Marxism, which once would have been so common on the British far left, now sounds so foreign to you ears. I fear it’s an accommodation to the capitalist agenda, and 30 years of defeat, which means you now find revolutionary politics so risible. Thankfully beyond these shores other communists have more guts and even comrades of the SWP, despite their many errors, have similar ideas (where they can think) and are rewarded by being by far the biggest British left group.

    Of course my politics are often described as ‘mad’ by types like you. But then I’m sure you also get the same – it’s usual for people raising points, like for greater democracy in trade unions, to be described as ‘nutcases’, ‘headbangers’ and the like by those to their right and/or the bureaucrats who, when unable to counter their arguments politically, will resort to infantile and apolitical inanities. Look in the mirror for the ‘clown’.

  3. SPURT said,


    Your line in self-parody is so brilliant, it is probably as well simply to repost your comments on the SPIAFW site.

    It is not any argument for greater democracy in trade unions which renders you ripe for mockery. It is your enthusiastic support for nihilists, fascists and bourgeois nationalist criminals and your thorough-going self-regard which makes you such a perfect subject of ridicule.

    ‘I’d much rather have it gathered on one multi-stranded site’ – get a website you ignorant oaf.


    Central Committee
    Southpaw PUnch Revolutionary Tendency

  4. voltaires_priest said,

    I can assure you I didn’t create that new site, although I’ll admit that I did find it mildly amusing when I came across it. As for my post, cantcha take a joke?

  5. stroppybird said,

    I expect it was Denham 😉

  6. modernityblog said,


    the diktat from the Southpawpunch All-knowing True Revolutionary Socialist Central Commitee clearly states that all jokes and humour have to be approved before hand,

    any deviation from the above will only bring STARS Central Committee into disrepute and play into the hands of the Cheney-inspired-Zionist-fascist, you risk expulsion for a second infringement of the STARS diktats

    humour is a very serious business in the struggle for nihilism, and any jokes against the Taliban will bring down the full force of the STARS Central Committee on you!

  7. Andy Newman said,

    I think Stroppybird is raising a smokescreen here, and she knows who is behind this spoof site ?

    BTW – southpaw – I suspect it is not your politics but your immense pomposity that is being satirised.

  8. stroppybird said,


    Pah, I know nothing at all . Would I take the piss out of Punchie 😉

    If I had to make a guess though I would point the finger at Denham after a few shandies doing this!

  9. modernityblog said,

    I think it was MI5 or the Spartacus League, trying to discredit southpawpunch (hero of the new revolutionary age (c)), by giving his views a wider audience and watching people wince when the concentrated nihilism finally sinks in (critical, but unconditional support for the Taliban)

    Southpawpunch’s views are enough to put people off of Socialism

    PS: it can’t be Jim Denham, there’s no typos!

  10. stroppybird said,

    “it can’t be Jim Denham, there’s no typos!”

    Don’t you mean Andy and the typos ( that would be a good spoof blog);-)

  11. Southpawpunch said,

    I presume the site was created both by Will – there is both that level of (offkey) intellectualism of an overeducated lumpen and Hakmao (who I think is a friend of Will) is listed as a co-owner of the site. I found it kind of sad that they would have clearly spent quite a few hours writing the site and researching some obscure links.

    Taking the site, or VP comments, as a joke is what I first thought of doing. (I also considered claiming the blog as my own.) And it’s perfectly correct to satirise perceptions, wrong as they may be, of people you consider to be pompous, arrogant, etc.

    But then I thought, that’s not the best route. It’s a political question on whether, for example, you support Hizbollah against the IDF. To say that such a view is just that of a ‘nutcase’ (and presumably the view of 1000s of ‘nutcases’ in the SWP and elsewhere) is to absent yourself from difficult questions and replace solely needed arguments about programme with apolitical amateurism.

    That’s to be expected. I realise Left blogging is just a hobby and an adjunct to a cliquey social life for a small coterie of former six-form debaters. But some of us just see it as one way to argue communist politics when it may be very tough doing so through other routes.

  12. hakmao said,

    Guilty (well slightly) milud. I did have admin access to that site for a couple of days while I made a few small changes to the CSS in the template, and I did it because I was asked nicely. The authors have a point though, as does Andy – ‘immense pomposity’ or your head so far up your arse the space has formed a quantum singularity of head-up-arseness.

  13. modernityblog said,

    whoever did it was doing the cause of revolutionary socialism a great service.

    I have often heard it said, “I wish I had the collected works of comrade Southpawpunch, so I can avoid political deviations”

    possibly Southpawpunch’s comments will be drawn together into a small book?

    that would be a bestseller, and British capitalism would be quaking in its boots

    long live the profound sayings of Southpawpunch!

  14. SPURT said,


    Towards a new synthesis: Marxism as an alternative therapy in a postmodern world.

    I have done quite a lot of reading on the theoretical basis of this, and I won’t be surprised to see it adopted as policy by the Central Committee (me). It draws the analogy between Marxism and homeopathic medicines – as you dilute the active ingredients, their effects are greatly enhanced. The results in recent elections and the paucity of those who think like me might look like defeat to the politically naive, but the scarcity of votes and support on the street merely indicates a total victory over the fascist bourgeois Zionist scum of Bliar and the fox-fucking party.

    As the comrade Punch notes in his comment above, the revolution is a matter of weeks away and Marxists should support fascists because that’s politically correct.

  15. Lobby Ludd said,

    So SSP was a member of Socialist Organiser? Wasn’t the current AWL part of that ‘tendency’ before it discovered the joys of Schactmanism?

    ‘Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right’ comes to mind.

  16. stroppybird said,


    Andy is spot on, people take the piss out of you because you are so pompous. Also you pronounce on others as not being as rrrrrevolutionary as you. People actually stop listening to you because you are so up your self and sneer at others . Of course we are all wrong and you are right and that is why he do need the collected works of Punchie 😉

    Given that there are probably loads of people who could be behind the site !

  17. modernityblog said,

    no split, no splinters

    the name of the Revolutionary Clown International(c) is already copyrighted, proprietor southpawpunch, any infringement of copyright will be vigorously fought through the Sharia law courts of the Taliban

    the supreme justice, mullah Omar, has stated that he appreciates comrade southpawpunch’s indispensable support and he will not put up with any frivolous sniping

    you have been warned.

  18. Southpawpunch said,

    OK, my final word I would expect

    Really, I do waste my time. It’s very noticeable that none of the above criticisms are along the lines of ‘communists don’t support national liberation struggles like X because of Y’, or ‘socialists should be LP members because of Z’. It’s all ‘you’re pompous, arrogant, smell etc’. Instead they are but apolitical detritus.

    Next time a right wing union bureaucrat or a mainstream LP member criticises your socialist proposals because of your supposed personality or for daring to have the ‘pomposity’ and ‘arrogance’ to actually criticise their own rubbish politics, you may feel a little of the disdain I do for those Labour Party elements who are beyond dead for all revolutionary purposes and are incapable of acting politically.

    There’s nothing wrong, Strappybird, in ‘pronouncing on’ the terrible and barely left politics of those who, for example, laud McDonnell. Arguing and discussing political points can sometimes be useful, but only when you are dealing with those with some clue. Maybe you’d prefer knitting or should turn the comments box on your blog off for fear of people indulging in lèse majesté?

    I’m not aware of ever interacting with Hakmao in any way – comments on her or my site, etc. So for her to take it upon herself to get involved in the design of such a website, may suggest she has something bordering upon a psychological disorder.

    I’m proud to actually argue my politics. You are like the wilting wallflowers who will hide your papers in your bag instead of standing near the door and trying to sell it and change minds.

    And I’m pleased that my site innovates – different types of blog (it’s not ‘oafish’ to not have a full website – that’s an ‘oafish comment’. It’s lack of money and the technical skills) and has fresh ideas such as the Left Portal which could have been a useful resource if only more had a desire to actually do things rather than just ping pong ripostes on each others blogs.

    Memo to me – there really must be better elements and places, not dipped in quite so much world-wear cynicism and defeat, to leave comments

    And yes, I have been working on a book idea – announcement maybe next month. You will (most probably) all be able to buy it for Christmas.

  19. modernityblog said,

    all hail comrade Southpawpunch

    the little red book of Southpawpunch’s sayings will ignite class consciousness throughout the proletariat and sweep aside capitalism !

    the glorious victory of nihilism awaits!

    PS: Mullah Omar sends fraternal greetings and wonders why you don’t return his calls any more

  20. stroppybird said,

    “Maybe you’d prefer knitting ”

    Well yes, because of course as a woman thats what I do. That and cook and clean . And of course you have said I am on my way to joining the women’s institute. No stereotypes there of course !

    I also do not censor or delete comments on my blog. The only time I did was when one commentor was posting very very long comments saying i should be raped or killed like the Ipswich sex workers . Most of it was garbled .

    “I’m not aware of ever interacting with Hakmao in any way – comments on her or my site, etc. So for her to take it upon herself to get involved in the design of such a website, may suggest she has something bordering upon a psychological disorder.”

    What a strange attack, psychological disorder. You mean she thinks you are pompous like most people round here.In that case we all have it !

    Treating people with disdain and pronouncing them as not left enough hardly wins arguments and only serves to alienate people from the left. A tendency not just found in Punchie I might add. But then again we all have rubbish politics. Must be lonely up there on the political high ground looking down on us.

  21. Will said,

    Punchbowel says: “I’m not aware of ever interacting with Hakmao in any way – comments on her or my site, etc.”

    yes — that doesn’t mean she hasn’t read your sub-literate garbage and bullshit either at your own place or elsewhere – you stupid piece of fucking shit.

    Punchbowel says: “for her to take it upon herself to get involved in the design of such a website…”

    What you mean here is ‘ for someone to make a decision for themselves without consulting me beforehand is really really bad and that person is evil and obviously must be deranged for not thinking about matters exactly as I do myself’.

    Finally — you don’t ‘argue your politics’ – what you do is spout torrents of imbecilic fucking shit. So fuck off you stupid dumb assed Strasserite fuckwitted self-parody.

    Have I made myself clear?

    In case I haven’t – fuck off again.

  22. Will said,

    “A quantum singularity of head-up-arseness”

    It must be a brown hole as opposed to a black hole.

    Punchbowel, arise you dick – you have been awarded the order of the boiled lettuce.

  23. Jules said,

    The comments boxes on this site would be like barren deserts if Andy Newman moderated them.

  24. Will said,

    Aye — He’s a tosspot as well.

  25. Will said,

    Truly Marxism has fallen into a parlous state.

    Newman is pathetic. What a fucking jerk.

    It’s the intertubes you daft bastard!

  26. BobFromBrockley said,

    Compliment of the week: “(offkey) intellectualism of an overeducated lumpen”. I wish someone said that about me

  27. SPURT said,



    The Southpaw PUnch Revolutionary Tendency Central Commitee (ie me) notes that I am in action over at Osler’s discussing a party I was at – which shockingly had more people in it than me. Granted, having a party midweek is strikingly bourgeois, but I will be able to make up an excuse should I ever have to explain my actions to a drumhead court martial (ie me). No quarter for backsliders and cowards! Shoot them like the dogs they are!

    Central Committee
    Southpaw PUnch Revolutionary Tendency

  28. Andy Newman said,


    Comments were closed on that particular thread only, foro specific reasons i have commented on elsewhere:

    i) a specific libel case by a comrade slurred by Giald Aztmon
    ii) sustained anti-semitic abuse

  29. modernityblog said,


    many of the people in that thread claim to be “Lefties”, are you saying that some used antisemitic terms? didn’t you suggest that was impossible before??

    now having seen it with your own eyes, what do you say?

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