Labour Deputy Leadership: Vote NOTA!

May 24, 2007 at 1:11 pm (elections, labour party, socialism, unions, voltairespriest)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThat’s it. Following on from Jim’s previous piece about the issue, I’ve also decided how I think people should vote on the most pressing issue in internal Labour Party politics today – the meaningless ballot on the pointless post of Deputy Leader, which will be coming up in a few weeks.

First, let’s look at the question of the post itself. It’s a job which has all the innate political clout of the guy selling roasted nuts on Westminster Bridge. The winner will have only such sway as is allowed to him/her by the guy who already won the race that really matters, before it had even begun – Gordon Brown. Again, why should people on the left waste any time and energy at all on a “race” whose ultimate goal has no meaning?

Nevertheless there are some people who (like myself) were supporters of John McDonnell’s abortive campaign for the actual leadership, who are considering backing candidates. Notably (and inexplicably) there are a few backing Hilary Benn, who was also nominated by a number of members of the Campaign Group in parliament. Yet for myself as a person of left-wing views, I cannot countenance supporting any candidate from a field in which all bar one candidate has a ministerial history in the current government, and in which all have right-wing political records. Even “dissenter’s choice” Jon Cruddas is an ex-Blairite fixer who has advocated cutting the unions’ share of the vote at Labour Party conference from 50% to 33%. He also voted for the Iraq War. And foundation hospitals. And this is the centre-left reform candidate, apparently.

It’s an extraordinary collection of blithering fools and right-wing bastards, from which I refuse to make a choice. Call me ultra-left if you will, but (to paraphrase a great man) I fail to see why I should choose when offered the choice between death by slow poisoning and being shot in the head.

Vote None Of The Above – Because Your Gag Reflex Deserves a Rest.


  1. Dave said,

    Speaking to one of Benn’s campaign team today. Those lefty nominations come courtesy of Hilary’s dad, who asked his old mates to do the honours.

  2. Bob said,

    So is that Campaign Group support for young Benn simply about the family name?

  3. Mike said,

    I guess they figured that since (a) there are no good candidates and (b) the Deputy Leadership doesn’t really matter anyway, they might as well…!

  4. marshajane said,

    The ones I’ve spoken to about it decided at the last minute that members had been denied a vote in the labour leadership they may as well ensure that members have the full range possible 2 choose from in the DL.
    (+ imo there’s also the revenge on cruddas who apparently was saying the worst thing 4 him would be if JM got on ballot 2nd worst would be if HB got on ballot as he would take some of his votes! No doubt he’s dad was also speaking to his mates and asking them to nominate 4 him!)

    And I’m inexplicable eh well what can I say volty 🙂 vengence is a bitch!

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