Is there any way I can vote to say you’re a miserable, grovelling, anti-working class piece of shit?

May 22, 2007 at 12:31 am (Jim D, labour party)

Steve McCabe MP

House of Commons

London SW1A OA

18 May 2007

Dear Jim,

I told you a couple of weeks ago that I would be backing Gordon Brown to be the next leader of the Labour Party. I am proud to tell you that I was one of 313 MP’s who nominated Gordon this week.

As Gordon said in his acceptance speech yesterday “the scale of the nominations shows to the country a Party united in its determination not to retreat into the past, but going forward as new labour to address the opportunities and challenges of the future……..for me a new conversation with the country is just beginning.”

I couldn’t agree more.

It would have been good to have an all members meeting to allow you to have your say but I don’t think that is going to be possible. However there is an Executive Committee meeting on May 24 and I would like to demonstrate to them that Gordon Brown has the backing of this constituency.

Please let me have your vote of support for Gordon Brown, return the reply coupon; email me on or leave a message on 0121 622 4408, with your name and address. You need to do it quickly so that I have them by 4pm on Thursday 24 May.

I have nominated Hazel Blears for Deputy Leader. I’m a geat admirer of her no nonsense approach to getting things done. She’s coming to Birmingham on Friday 29 May to open the new Allenscroft School and afterwards there will be an opportunity for you to meet her.

So, please join me and Hazel at 5.30pm-7pm, Friday 25 May, the Pavillion, Kings Heath Cricket Club, Alcester Road South.

You will have your chance to hear directly from Hazel and ask her questions.

One of the tragedies of Labour is that we can become so procedure driven that we forget that it’s the members that really count. Gordon’s promised a more open and inclusive politics. Let’s get that off to a great start by ensuring a large ballot return from new Selly oak, add a personal message too and I will make sure that Gordon gets it.

Some may say it’s a done deal or it doesn’t matter but it does. Gordon needs your support. He will be our Prime Minister. Let’s pull together and make sure he gets off to the best possible start.

Best wishes

Steve McCabe MP 


(  ) Yes, Gordon Brown has my vote for Leader  of the Labour Party, pass this on to the Executive Committee

(  ) Send me a copy of Gordon’s acceptance speech

——————————————————————————————Please pass this message of support on to Gordon Brown


(  ) I would like to meet Hazel Blears on 24 May add my name to the guest list


My vote for Deputy leader will go to






Please return to Steve McCabe MP by 4pm Thursday 24 May


  1. Will said,

    Not good.

  2. stroppybird said,


    how the fuck can he say its good that no one in the party was allowed to vote for the irony not lost on him ??

    How is ‘having your say’ now, when there is only one candidate an endorsement ??

    Oh and you must go along and meet Hazel:-)

  3. Mike said,

    Write back to the fucker saying it’s absurd and offensive to invite people to say “my vote goes to Gordon Brown”, because thanks to him no-one has a vote, for Brown or anyone else. Tell him that inviting people to vote when he’s helped prevent there from being a vote shows him to be either clinically delusional or New Labour, which amounts to the same thing. Conclude that he ought to be thankful there are some people who will vote for a pile of horse shit with a Labour rosette on it, and ask him in the interests of the Party to stand down in favour of that pile of horse shit. It’ll be just as Brown but it won’t smell as bad.


  4. susan calder valley CLP said,

    De-select the bastard. And send the letter to Private Eye. I had just about calmed down………

  5. Louise said,

    Aaarrrgghh, Hazel “street fighter proletarian” Blears.

    It is funny how she and Alan Johnson are banging on about their working class cred’ when they have never gone on about it before. I mean, who cares, it is about what they do. Well, in both their cases it has been about fucking over the working class. And then they remember their proletarian roots. Opportunistic cynical bastards!

    Oh, and Jim at least you had a reply from your MP. I am still waiting for a reply from my spineless toadying scummy bastard bastard of a Blairite MP (who is sponsored by Unite). They can all fuck off!

    Ahh, feel so much better I got that off my chest…

  6. Labour Deputy Leadership: Vote NOTA! « Shiraz Socialist said,

    […] (voltairespriest, socialism, elections, labour party, unions) That’s it. Following on from Jim’s previous piece about the issue, I’ve also decided how I think people should vote on the most pressing issue in internal […]

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