April 27, 2007 at 6:38 am (Jim D, spain, war)

This Friday is the 70th anniversary of the destruction of the Basque town of Guernica by German bombers acting on behalf of the Francoist forces in the Spanish Civil War. Although it was not the first aerial attack on an undefended civilian town (the Italians had done it in Abyssinia; and in Spain German bombers had previously destroyed Durango), and although the scale of the casualties was subsequently eclipsed by what happened
in WW2, Guernica came to symbolise the brutality of modern aerial warfare. This is largely because of Picasso’s painting:


  1. johng said,

    I note that its not a picture of George Galloway. Whats going on?

  2. Will said,

    What a fucking idiot.

    Spamming toad.

  3. voltairespriest said,


    I realise that your history is a bit ropey and your adoration of Galloway untrammelled. However I have to tell you that he did not fight in the Spanish Civil War.

  4. Jim Denham said,

    …and if he had done: which side would this Catholic authoritarian have been on?

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