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April 26, 2007 at 3:04 pm (Jim D, Respect, Uncategorized)

All proportions guarded: no way am I suggesting that a pair of vainglorious, posturing, sexist perjurers are in the same league as the 20th Century’s joint-leading mass-murderer. But it is something of a co-incidence that today’s Grauniad gives away a rather dinky pamphlet-version of a (highly edited) transcript of Khrushchev’s speech to the 20th Congress of the CPSU, denouncing Stalin and “the cult of the individual”…while inside the main paper is this nausea-inducing report.


  1. JohnHangUntilGamey said,


  2. Will said,

    I’ve just got the call up papers today for Jury service as it happens. Don’t think I’ll be able to get out of it either. Wonder when the Sheridan case comes back to court? I might be on the Jury bench!

    Gerrrin there!

  3. johng said,

    …and the connection between Galloway and Sheridan and ‘Kruschev’s secret speech’ is exactly? A ‘shocking’ experiance on big brother and oppressing the Murdoch Press?

  4. JohnGameoff said,

    Galloway is a Stalinist.
    And a perjurer.
    Sheridan is a perjurer

    There, that wasnt difficult

  5. Squirrel Vanguard said,

    …and the connection between Galloway and Sheridan and ‘Kruschev’s secret speech’ is exactly? A ’shocking’ experiance on big brother and oppressing the Murdoch Press?

    Sheridan is also a sexist populist with a big ego. Nobody really cares about the Murdoch press but if you think it’s “ok” to cross examine former sex partners on the witness stand and accusing them of lying in order to protect your bourgeois family man image, then you should reexamine your politics mate.

  6. Will said,

    J Game is an idiot apologist for clerical fascism. He should be treated as such and deleted/expunged/made history.

    Why he’s treated (or the party he represents) as someone/something belonging to the labour or worker’s movement escapes me. The fucker’s should be given short shrift and told where to go.

    Come on Jim! Delete the fucker whenever he appears!*

    *(You do keep him occupied mind. So not a lot of damage is done if he’s on here 24 hours a day leaving his essays).

  7. Red Squirrel said,

    J Game is an idiot apologist for clerical fascism.

    It’s anti imperialism I tell you! 😉

  8. TWP said,

    One thing that continues to annoy me about this pair is their blatant sexism. Now of course the left generally doesn’t have the best record of non-sexist leaders, but as a woman and as a feminist they both offend me to the core.

    I read quite extensively the documents put out by the SSP (this was before Solidarity formed) and it was abundantly clear that Sheridan has a serious problem with how he views women in the movement. Not only did he cross examine former sex partners on the stand, asking them intimate details about what happened in the bedroom and then accusing them of lying, reducing them to tears and thoroughly humilitating them, but he also slandered the women in the SSP using the worst kinds of sexist language. This would’ve gotten most union members chucked out of their union if not their job – yet instead he’s made a “working class hero”!

    Galloway too has often made comments about women that are sexist – for example his “favourite things” bit in the Guardian where he goes on about the best things in Cuba – Cigars, Castro and the women. I mean Jesus Christ. Too bad for Galloway that these women actually have rights above and beyond what I suspect he would support if he was in Castro’s position.

    So why are the SWP (and SP in Sheridan’s case) supporting bombastic sexists? Well I’m sure it has to do with the decline of feminism in the movement, but also an orientation away from the working class and frankly the fact that discussions of womens’ rights inside organisations like Respect assume a second class status for women – let’s be honest – the “right” to wear the veil isn’t liberation for women however much someone could be guaranteed that right as part of a freedom to practice religion.

    Now I know enough to know that the working class has been historically sexist – but this is precisely what the left tried to fight against in the 70s and indeed the SWP and SP were involved (in various forms) in these struggles. It seems with praising and fawning over sexists like Galloway and Sheridan these organisations have reverted to pre-70s working class culture and forgotten the gains that were made – so much so that women now have more rights in the workplace and trade unions which defend women against sexism on the job. When the trade unions are more able to fight against sexism than the supposed “vanguard” leaders of the working class, it’s worth questioning what has happened here.

  9. tim said,

    Read this about Galloway and Cuban women,if you’ve got a strong stomach.

    “George also had a load of clothes brought over from England and when we went out he wanted me to wear them rather than Cuban clothes,” she said. “He would insist I wore evening dresses when we were out in Havana for dinner. “

  10. Will said,

    Anectodal…I know but…

    The SWP used to practice (they may still do so for all I know) what was known as ‘flirty fishing’ back in the late seventies early 80s as well. This was a tactic for recruitment picked up from other religious nutjob sects. Female members were the ‘bait’ if you get my drift.

  11. johng said,

    Yeah it must be true because Will said so.

  12. Will said,

    Spamming idiot. Get that fucker deleted Jim.

    It is true by the way. I turned the pneumatic comrade down without a second thought!

  13. JohnGameoftwohalves. said,

    The decline in the SWP membership can be dated back to that day in 1979 when John Rees and Lindsay German went out “flirty fishing swinging”

  14. Andy Newman said,

    I think what Will describes is actually sorta true.

    I never heard it described as “flity fishing”, but the term “horizonal recriuitment” was jokingly referred to.

    I don’t think there was a systematic or any way sanctionad policy for recruitement just that the SWP had a lot of young members and we were sexualy promiscuous, becasue we wanted to be. Occassionally people would be drawn towads the party becasue they liked that aspect of the lifestyle, and we knew that sometimes it wasn’t the finer points of the theory of the permanent Arms economy that was drawing them in.

    Incidently, I don’t think the SWP has that culture much any more.

  15. Will said,

    “Incidently, I don’t think the SWP has that culture much any more.”

    Yes, their clerical fascist friends would no doubt take a dim view of it.

  16. Andy Newman said,

    I just think they are getting older and prefer a cup of cocoa and slippers in front of the fire

  17. Will said,

    Yep Andy — it gets to us all in the end.

    Attention TWP — for an example of the sexist, patronising and let’s not forget disgusting piece of work that is Galloway* (or the bloated, orange napolean bonaparte as I prefer to call him) watch this youtube of him in flow against Rosie Kane. What a fucking pig he is.

    *Remember, this is Game’s hero and leader.

  18. Jim Denham said,

    I would recommend anyone to view that youtube link provided by Will, above: what a complete and utter sub-political, “strong-man”-worshipping, Stalinist bollox Galloway shows himself to be.

  19. Will said,


    Galloway (just like the Gamemiester) displays nothing but the castrated fucked upness of religious twats. Religionists like Galloway (leader of the Respect organisation) have a selective and distorted perception. Post-Christian and post-nihilist bullshitology for the ‘masses’ is his stock in trade (even though there is no post this or that). The masses substitute for class – religious traditions and categories are predicated on double standards. Galloway and his disciples adhere to the Ten Commandments — “Thou shalt not kill” — really meaning “thou shalt kill Jews.” Disgusting pricks..

  20. Tim. said,

    Religious stuff about Galloway would make sense if he hadn’t consumed his share o f condoms in the 80s and 90s.

    His desire to see Tommy Sheridan “back in the saddle” is odd,given Tommys plans for emigration after his jail sentence.

  21. hakmao said,

    Religious stuff about Galloway would make sense if he hadn’t consumed his share of condoms in the 80s and 90s.

    Hypocrisy is religion’s hand-maiden. The religious have as much capacity for self-serving duplicity, sleaziness and deviousness as anyone else, preaching ‘morality’ while helping themselves to the altar boys.

  22. Tim. said,

    Georgie always had issues with the bearing false witness and thou shalt not steal.

  23. hakmao said,

    Couldnae posssssibly comment.

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