West “could lose propaganda war to al-Qa’ida”

April 18, 2007 at 10:17 pm (Human rights, Jim D, SWP)

This report in today’s Independent stunned me: the bourgeois democracies of the West are, apparently “in danger of losing the propaganda war against al-Qa’ida”, according to a British cabinet review of foreign policy.

The report is, amazingly, “one of six policy statements designed to secure Mr Blair’s legacy”! Some fucking legacy, that: losing the propaganda war to people who differ from classic European fascism only because (1) they’re not European, and (2) they’re more reactionary.

Given that outright Lord Haw-Haw types are few and far between, and that support in the media for appeasement is limited to a few self-haters, how the bloody hell have the latter-day fascists and their supporters/appeasers got the upper hand in this way? Supporters of the misguided adventure in Iraq may like to ponder that question. And all thinking people would do well to tune in to BBC Radio Four this Monday (at 8.00 pm), to hear the second part of Justin Webb’s excellent examination of anti-Americanism, “Death to America“.

But perhaps the real lesson is that democracy is too important to be left in the hands of bourgeois democrats.


  1. http://modernityblog.blogspot.com/ said,

    good post

    I think there is a tremendous amount of complacency and ambivalence amongst the English middle classes, instead of promoting human rights, secularism and pluralism with vigor they sit on their hands and look at house prices go up.

    that doesn’t bode well for the fight against 21st century fascism

  2. voltaires_priest said,

    Yeah, albeit that you’d have to be Oriana Fallaci to perceive Al-Qaeda as a serious threat to the political system in the UK. I don’t anticipate the UK become a seat of the Khalifah any time in the near future, do you?

  3. Buffy said,

    Spoken like a true bourgeouis democrat Jim….

  4. voltaires_priest said,

    Not spoken like a feminist, still less a vampire slayer, Buffy.

  5. Jules said,

    Describing opponents of British imperialism as “self haters” is stageringly rightwing – a huge concession to social patriotism on your part Jim. And in what sense is Seamus Milne an “appeaser” of al qaeda?

    Milne has written an excellent book on the miners strike called the “Enemy Within” in which he shows the efforts of Britian’s secret state to undermine the miners by portraying them as agents of foriegn powers and so forth. I imagine the younger Jim didn’t buy that shit back then but now seems to take an even harsher attitude to dissident journalists and politicians than the rightwing media!

  6. Jim Denham said,

    Jules: I could discuss this at length, and am quite prepared to; but, for a start, Milne, repoduced a statement from bin Ladin in the Guardian ‘Comment’ section, as though it was a perfectly legitimate piece of ‘comment’: he also wrote that the British stae should attempt to negotiate a settlenet with al-Quada. I think thaqt qualifies as “appeasement”, don’t you? I can sort out the exact references/links, if you want…if you challenge the truth of what I say.

  7. Jules said,

    I found this article by Milne:


    Seems entirely reasonable to me.

  8. Jim Denham said,

    Thanks for that, Jules: it’s not the worst piece of appeasement by that piece of scum.

  9. Jules said,

    I’m, sure he’d be delighted to hear that!

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