Some new friends for you to meet

April 14, 2007 at 8:49 am (blogging, blogosphere, Civil liberties, cyberspace, Feminism, socialism, Socialist Party, voltairespriest)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThought I’d just flag up a few of the newest additions to the Shiraz blogroll. Firstly, my mates Paul and Housey have started Militant blog with a couple of their Socialist Party comrades, including long-standing pal of the blog Phil the sociologist. It’s pretty much a matter of them putting forward their organisation’s line for debate at present, but they’re straight up about it. And their willingness to simply and straightforwardly duke it out over political stances, rather than seeking to abjure debate with hysterical denunciation like certain members of other organisations, represents a refreshing change of pace as far as I’m concerned.

On a lighter note, check out Red Squirrel’s Lair, a new blog from two lads whose precise politics I have yet to work out, but for sure they’re both intelligent and damn funny. Their first post, a fantasy vision of a future Sheridan-led Scottish government, made me chuckle muchly. Definitely some promise there. Their later posts also show a serious side with some interesting analysis of various issues – go have a debate with them.

Finally, the prize for best name goes to Bastard Logic, and the prize for best blogging nickname goes to Matttbastard. This blog is slickly presented, witty and as cutting as it is intelligent. Matt, Isabel and Boomgate use their platform to come at issues from a different, fresh angle, and let’s face it: that’s what blogs are supposed to be about. Further, anyone who can kick off a post with the phrase “Markos Moulitsas has a very tiny, shriveled, disease-ridden penis” just has to be worth a read!

Three very different blogs, all worthwhile, all there in our blogroll for your enjoyment. And all part of a blogosphere whose freedom of speech and diversity is its greatest strength.


  1. Squirrel Vanguard said,

    Just a wee note.

    The Solidarity administration post is not actually the first post in the Lair, but merely the last one visible on the first page.

    Click on the archive link on the left side of the blog, or the older posts link right at the bottom of the page for more squirrel communism than you can shake a stick at!

  2. matttbastard said,

    We @ Bastard Logic wish to express our greatful appreciation for the plaudits and blogroll addition. Your first monthly kickback cheque should be arriving sometime next week. Hope Canadian funds are acceptable.

  3. matttbastard said,

    “Greatful” s/b “grateful”, natch. 😛

  4. matttbastard said,

    As for how I discovered Shiraz Socialist, I believe it might have been via Lenin’s Tomb, ironically enough. (Don’t quote me on that:P).

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