Seconds Out, Round Two!

March 30, 2007 at 6:35 am (Anti-Racism, Free Speech, left, SWP, voltairespriest)

Of course, not everyone on YouTube likes the SWP. As this video clearly demonstrates. You’d almost think the author had something against them.

(Hat-Tip: Will from the Drink Soaked Trots in the comments)


  1. twp77 said,

    This is just daft. I’m sorry but the SWP aren’t fascists. They do indeed have some dodgy alliances but they aren’t Nazis fur chrissake!

  2. Will said,

    That’s not what the video says.

  3. twp77 said,

    So that bit about “waving” is just a coincidence?

  4. twp77 said,

    Oh yeah and the photos of Hitler and the accusation that they quote from “Mein Kampf” – none of these things are implying they are Nazis…..

  5. Will said,

    TWP. You seem to have a problem with breaking down the component parts and relationships of text and images when in conjunction and understanding the form, function, and syntactical relationship of each part to the whole.

    Have a nice day.

  6. Jules said,

    A nasty little trick often used by racists is to accuse the victims of racism of… racism.

    As has been pointed out on many occasions before, the straightarm salute is common to all Lebanese militia and originates from the salute used by the Lebanese army. It has no connection with fascism.


    C’mon Will give me your best…

  7. twp77 said,


    I don’t fall for sleight of hand and innuendo when the SWP tries to do it in relation to defending its relationship with dodgy organisations and I equally don’t fall for the same attempted tricks from the other side.

    Thanks – I will have a nice day.

  8. solid said,

    It says a lot about Jim that he’s so cosy with Will and his crew. They’re people who’ve spent the last few years cheering on the disaster in Iraq and attacking the anti-war left. Last uear they were comparing Israel’s war against Lebanon with the Republican fight in the Spanish Civil War. More recently Will has called for the deselection of John McDonell and most of the other best Labour MPs, for the crime of voting for an inquiry into the war. For all their faults the SWP are a million times better than the attack dogs for Blairism at Drink Soaked Trots.

  9. Will said,

    Fucking hell… it’s too late for much more than this…

    I must be effective when I’ve got a stalker.

    see you the morra fuckwit(s).

  10. voltairespriest said,

    A nasty little trick often used by racists is to accuse the victims of racism of… racism.

    True, although that’s an accusation that might be levelled by either side of the debate against the other.

  11. johng said,

    Thats a disgusting racist video. What the fuck are you lot up to? Revolting bunch. It should be more widely known that you lot are racists. Real hard racists.

  12. voltaires_priest said,

    Still yelling “racist” at anyone who posts anything that you disagree with? Fuck off, you idiot.

  13. Will said,

    Well said Mr Volty. About time you lost patience with that dork.

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