And who said student politics was stupid?

March 28, 2007 at 9:54 am (NUS, Respect, students, SWP, voltairespriest)

Some people laugh at SWP students. Can’t imagine why.


  1. johng said,

    What an excellent promo. Whats wrong with it? Incidently in terms of the failed attempt to start a debate about ‘why the left is obsessed with the middle east’ here is an old document which one Ygael Gluckstein had a hand in which suggests that the obsession goes some way back:

  2. voltaires_priest said,

    Bless – as you’ll be well aware the (slight) stultification of that debate had more to do with our having changed blog servers at the same time as it was posted, than anything else.

    And if you can’t see what’s funny about a video that accuses bureaucrats of turning to “the Dark Side” quite literally, and which barely stops short of accusing the National Union of Students of being Bush and Blair’s accomplices in the invasion of Iraq, then you’ve been drinking even more kool-aid than I thought. 😉

    BTW don’t you have some research to write or something? I’m flattered by the attention, and you’re obviously more than welcome to spend your entire day here boosting our stats. But I’m just concerned for your welfare…

  3. johng said,

    Ah the old HP reference to job and research. And I thought it was a marvelous and witty sendup of the bankrupt right wing of Labour Students and the NUS Executive. Where’s your sense of humour. I would also suggest that the link I posted would provide some empirical food for thought .

  4. Igor Belanov said,

    I thought the NUS, as an association of students at British Universities, would have better things to do than try and broker a settlement in the Middle East. I recall the NUS elections while I was a student, where the leading SWP slogan was ‘Free Palestine’. Somehow I don’t think this was in the remit of a Student Union President. I get a bit tired of the left obsessing about the Middle East rather than trying to achieve things on a more practical level.

  5. John Angliss said,

    On the contrary: any NUS President who doesn’t bring about the liberation of Palestine has failed.

    Loving the SOAS banner though.

  6. Tim said,

    The campaig n for cheap beer obviously depends on victory for the SWPs allies in Hamas.

  7. johng said,

    Yes lets keep politics out of politics. If student unions don’t exist to campaign around political issue why have them?

  8. Tim said,

    by the way john,quoting links to Palestinian Socialists ,whilst campaigning with a group which want an Islamic state in the whole of Palestine, should strike you as incongruous.
    It doesn’t.

  9. twp77 said,

    I dunno – I don’t really mind it. Yeah it’s cheesy but given some of the dirty tactics used by the NUS leadership to try to interpret our Student Union constitution to ban political clubs I think it is important to fight for political student organisations on campus. I voted for an SWPer at our uni to go to the NUS conference and I hope he does bring up the issue of the war and politics in the universities. That’s what I sent him there to do!

  10. voltaires_priest said,

    And I thought it was a marvelous and witty sendup of the bankrupt right wing of Labour Students and the NUS Executive.

    Yes. It had me rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. Albeit not because it was witty. 😉

  11. said,

    this comment may come back to haunt me but, and this is a BIG but:

    I thought it was surprisingly competent propaganda, ( was it Beethoven, couldn’t place the music? ) for Respect/SWPers, who are mostly still trying to get the hang of texting and who seem to be stuck politically around 1938 not the 21st centurn, but still I will give credit for thetechnical competence of the video, even if some of the content was questionable

    PS: volty, if you drop me an email I have something that you might like.

  12. said,

    on the subject of videos I think this one:

    is very good, if understated

  13. mellelieu said,

    A load of public school wankers who haven’t got a clue about workers’ lives.

    His 9th btw.

  14. Johnny Rook said,

    Don’t know about you, but I find a bunch of apolitical apathetic careerists handing out bubblegum and whistles to get people to vote for them is more funny.

  15. voltaires_priest said,

    Has its funny factor too, that’s for sure – any links to funny NOLS videos will obviously be welcome. 🙂

  16. Jules said,

    “on the subject of videos I think this one:

    is very good, if understated”

    If you like third rate Zionoid shite that is.

  17. Will said,

    Ooooo he used the Z word!

    Damn. And I thought he had an argument brewing in his large bump of a head.

  18. Will said,

    More Z propaganda

    more Z propaganda

    More Z propaganda

    More Z propaganda

    More Z propaganda

    More Z propaganda

    more Z propaganda

    You thick ignorant piece of shit.

    lAuschwitz never again!

    Theodor Adorno
    The premier demand upon all education is that Auschwitz not happen again. Its
    priority before any other requirement is such that I believe I need not and should not
    justify it. I cannot understand why it has been given so little concern until now. To
    justify it would be monstrous in the face of the monstrosity that took place. Yet the
    fact that one is so barely conscious of this demand and the questions it raises shows
    that the monstrosity has not penetrated people’s minds deeply, itself a symptom of the
    continuing potential for its recurrence as far as peoples’ conscious and unconscious is

  19. Seconds Out, Round Two! « Shiraz Socialist said,

    […] (Hat-Tip: Will from the Drink Soaked Trots in the comments) […]

  20. el Tom said,

    Oi! Where’s my hat-tip you gits!?


  21. voltaires_priest said,

    Didn’t get it from you, ya cheeky fucker 😀

    Coming to McD’s rally tomor… well I mean later today? 😉

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