Demonstration for Kareem Amer

March 25, 2007 at 8:56 am (Civil liberties, Free Speech, Human rights, voltairespriest)

Those of you with semi-coherent memories will remember that this blog supports the Free Kareem Coalition, which stands in protest against the imprisonment of Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer, sentenced to four years in jail by an Egyptian court for saying what he thought about Islam and about Hosni Mubarak. Amongst these “incitements”, incidentally, were a pledge to defend Muslim women against discrimination, criticisms of Al-Azhar University, and the description of Mubarak as a “symbol of Tyranny”.  But to be honest, it doesn’t matter specifically what he said. No matter what he wrote on those subjects, he should have the right to say it without fear of imprisonment.

And now it would seem that Reporters Without Borders have decided to take up his cause in practical fashion.  Here’s a video of a guerilla-style demonstration that they had, at the recent Paris World Tourism Trade Fair. There were even some bloggers on it (which goes to show we’re not all saddos who write in lieu of acting). Well done, lads and lasses.

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    […] Shiraz Socialist: Demonstration for Kareem Amer Amongst these “incitements”, incidentally, were a pledge to defend Muslim women against […]

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