Piss Up on Saturday April 14th

March 23, 2007 at 8:28 am (voltairespriest)

Witness Denham and some Compassites at play, in this rare documentary. Details at Kit’s Blog.


  1. stroppybird said,

    Well im hoping for Paddy, Sham and Jim .

    I think this time we would get chucked out of the pub and someone would have to restrain Denham 🙂 (and me !!)

  2. Janine said,

    I’ll be at RMT Station Grades Conference in Birmingham during the day, so may even find myself travelling to London on a train with the hosts of this blog.

  3. stroppybird said,


    You can watch Denham’s bag then. Its a very important job that Volty does with great panache. Just listen out for ‘where’s my fucking bag’, then crawl around looking for it…

  4. Mike said,

    Meanwhile, Volty and I will restrain Cde Denham from pounding on the table or listing people who ought to be shot. As a last resort we will carry him bodily out of the bar and into another bar, while singing the Internationale in three different keys simultaneously. 😉

  5. stroppybird said,


    no, no…that adds to the ambience, Denham must be unrestrained 🙂

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