Apologists for genocide

March 19, 2007 at 10:54 pm (Jim D)

I would like to thank one Peter Godfrey of London E8, author of the following letter, published in today’s Morning Star, a publication closely identified with the remanants of the old Stalinist Communist Party of Britain:

“In his apologia for Slobodan Milosevic (M Star March 12), Neil Clark rather gives the game away away by referring to to Alija Izetbegovic as ‘the Bosnian Muslim leader’.

“He was, in fact, the leader of all Bosnians in a non-sectarian, multiethnic republic which had no standing army at the outbreak of an unprovoked war.

“Should I tell refugee friends who were lucky enough to survive Bosnian Serb concentration camps or who lost relatives in a war not of their making that Milosevic, as ‘a lifelong socialist’ – presumably, along with his associates, those other beacons of enlightenment, Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic – was a non-racist who made no distinction between Serbs and Muslims?

“I think they would dismiss such contentions as offensive bigotry.

“I am surprised that the Morning Star does not do the same”.

My thanks to Mr (Comrade?) Godfrey are mainly because his letter is a rare note of common decency in the discussion that has spluttered into life following the international court of justice’s acquittal of Sebia on charges of genocide in Bosnia in the mid-1990’s. To a much lesser extent, I am grateful because his letter has spurred me into commenting upon something I should have dealt with some time ago.

Those who have wet dreams about any ‘heroic’ person willing to take on ‘the West’ loved the ICJ judgement of late February this year. The Neil Clark piece in the Star, referred to in Godfrey’s letter,  was headed by a big photo of Milosevic and the headline “A victim  of the West’s propaganda“.

Clark’s nauseating apology for genocide and the nearest thing to Nazism seen in Europe since WW2 opened, without apparent embarrassment, with Joseph Goebbels’ famous quote about the “big lie”: according to Clark those of us who regard Milosevic and his side-kicks as mass murderers responsible for the (at least attempted) genocide of the Muslim populations of Bosnia and Kosova, are followers of the Goebbels school of propaganda… I would submit that the jack boot is very much on the other foot.

The Slobo-fan Clark (who also writes frequently in fellow-Stalinist Saumas Milne’s Guardian ‘Comment’ pages), wrote in the Star (and these quotes are necessarily foreshortened and not in full context, given that I cannot here reproduce the whole article, which is not available on the web without a subsciption):

“Milosevic, the ‘aggressive nationalist’ was, in fact, a lifelong socialist who never once made a racist speech. The 1989 Koso Polje address, where it was claimed, Milosevic incided ethnic hatred was a call for socialist unity…Milosevic ‘the serial warmonger’ started no wars…the hostilities in Kosova were triggered by the US funding and arming the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army in a deliberate attempt to provoke a civil war, which would then give NATO the pretext to occupy the rump Yugoslavia…The more one considers the facts, the more clear it is that Milosevic was the victim of the most cynical demonisation campaign of recent times”.

The Stalinist Clark is not alone in arguing such a case: he joins such august company as the sinister far-right Guardian columnist (courtesy Milne, again) John Laughland   and the ridiculous SWP blogger Richard “Lenin” Seymour (scroll down to “Genocide, Bosnia and the ICTY“, February 26, 2007).

What all these craven apologists for genocide conveniently ignore, is what the ICJ report (flawed as it was), actually said about Serbia’s role in the 1992-95 war: it found (according to Ian Traynor’s Guardian Weekly report, that: “Belgrade did nothing to prevent what the court described as an act of genocide at Srebrenica in 1985 despite its close links with and support for the Bosnian Serb military.

“The Serbian authorities stood by as almost 8,000 Bosnian Muslim males were massacred by the Bosniam Serb military at Sebrenica in July 1995 despite the full knowledge that mass murder was likely, the court found. Serbia had also failed to honour its international duty to apprehend those charged with genocide…

“Strikingly, the court ruled that the mass murder of almost 8,000 Bosnian Muslim males at Srebrenica at the end of the war in July 1995 was indeed an act of genocide, but that the widespread ethnic cleanisng by the Bosnian Serbs, mainly in 1992, when tens of thousands were killed and up to 2 million uprooted, was not”.

In a letter to the Guardian (February 28, 2007), the expert in international law, Professor  Martin Shaw (University of Sussex; author of What is Genocide), wrote:

“The international court of justice judgement on Serbia’s role in Bosnia is narrow, conservative and perverse (Serbia condemned for Srebrenica despite acquital on genocide charge, February 27). Sticking to the findings of the international tribunal for former Yugoslavia, the court rules that only the Srebrenica massacre was genocide. Thus the judges isolate this massacre from the larger Serbian project of destroying Bosnian Muslim society and the killings, rapes and brutal expulsions used to effect it. As the court’s vice-president said in his dissenting opinion: ‘The court refused to infer genocide from a “consistent pattern of conduct”, disregarding in this respect a rich and relevant jurisprudence of other courts’. Likewise, the court curiously indicts Serbia for failing to prevent genocide, but exonerates it of having commited or even being an accomplice to genocide. These decisions bring the law into disrepute”.

 Hear, hear, Prof! And thanks again, Mr/and/or/Comrade Godfrey: we stand together against the apologists of anti-Muslim genocide – the likes of Clark (Stalinist), Laughland (fascist) and Seymour (Stupid Wankers’ Party).




  1. Janine said,

    E8 once again proves itself the centre of political excellence.

    It is, of course, otherwise known as ‘Hackney’. Or, more specifically, ‘the main part of Hackney’, which distinguishes it from N16, the bit where Luke Akehurst lives.

  2. Clive said,

    Splutter. N16 is lovely!

  3. voltaires_priest said,

    See, stuff like that is why I go on about the London-centricity of the left…

  4. JudeaFighter said,

    Hey “Shirazsocialist”, if you were really honest in your views, you would call yourself “Sharaz National Socialist”.






    You, “Shiraz Socialist” (again, more like Shiraz NATIONAL SOCIALIST) are nothing more than a (PHONY) liberal-Left-wing apologist for Islamofascist / Nazi genocide perpetrated against Jews & Christians both in the Balkans & Middle East.


  5. voltairespriest said,

    You’re both ignorant in the extreme (you clearly know nothing about this blog at all) and quite deluded, aintcha? You see, you were doing quite well – albeit displaying your ignorance and prejudice in stark relief – up until the last sentence with all the BAT SHIT SHOUTY CAPITALS. And now not only do you look like an extremist, but also an extremist who might need to spend some time in a secure room with some happy pills.

  6. johng said,

    sorry in what sense is richard seymour ‘an apologist’ for Milosevic? Perhaps Judeafighter above is in the right place after all (complete with shouty capitals).

  7. voltaires_priest said,

    John: ask the person who wrote the article (a ling time ago) about the accusation directed toward Seymour. And I presume you’ve noted that Mr Fighter appears to believe that Jim, Richard and I are of one view on Israel-Palestine?

  8. modernityblog said,

    for the sake of information, I should point out that “JudeaFighter” is Felix Quigley, an ex-pat Irish man, one time follower of Gerry Healy and scourge of the Web

    Comrade Quigley used to post at HP, eventually suggesting that HP posters were either would-be neo-Nazis, apologists for Nazis, friends of Hamas or complicit with antisemitism and along those general lines, etc etc

    he is, even by Internet standards, off his rocker

    see http://hurryupharry.bloghouse.net/archives/2007/01/23/lenin_v_hoare.php

  9. voltaires_priest said,

    Ah. Well that explains it.

  10. Dr Paul said,

    Yes, the Yugoslav collapse led to some weird alignments, a whole range of popular fronts one might say.

    On the one side, one had Margaret Thatcher’s theoretician Alfred Sherman, the veteran anti-communist writer Nora Beloff, the Stalinist Morning Star and Newsline backing Belgrade and refusing to acknowledge that Miloshevich’s regime and its Bosnian allies were responsible for any atrocities. To this we can add this weird JudeoFighter bloke, with his pro-Serb, pro-Israel site. Another weirdo like him is Jared Israel with his Emperor’s Clothes site.

    On the other, one had various left-wing small fry, such as the Alliance for Workers Liberty and Workers Press, the entire ‘Decent Left’ and much of the liberal media, and indeed Thatcher herself — a patron, no less, of the Bosnia Institute — who refuse to believe that anyone other than the Serbs were responsible for atrocities in the Yugoslav collapse. Actually the Decents and their pals get in a pickle here, because their anti-Serb feelings are — believe it or not — actually stronger than their anti-Islamicist fervour. They find it hard to acknowledge that Izetbegovich’s government happily gave passports to al Qaeda head-bangers, and that Bosnian Muslim forces were responsible for many atrocities against BiH Serbs and Croats. Izetbegovich’s idea of a good Islamic state — and that’s what he wanted — was Pakistan. Makes sense, really: a basket-case of a state, born of a pointless partition and bloody civl war — a bit like Bosnia-Hercegovina.

    Both factions here have picked their national side, demonise the other side, carelessly throw around terms like ‘genocide’ for what were vicious but not genocidal acts of violence, and refuse to acknowledge the atrocities committed by their chosen side. I expect that of bourgeois commentators, but not Marxists.

    I am not an SWP member, and I have been very critical of them over the years, not least over the Respect fiasco. But on the Yugoslav collapse, they took a position of neutrality between the various nationalist forces, and refused to back any one side or another. That was the only principled position that a socialist could have in the whole sorry business.

  11. JudeaFighter said,

    “for the sake of information, I should point out that “JudeaFighter” is Felix Quigley, an ex-pat Irish man…”

    “modernityblog” you really are not only an outright Nazi liar but also a very STUPID one at that. Just shows how you pro-Nazi/pro-Islamist morons automatically assume I must be the Irishman Felix Quigley – someone you obviously despise with a passion – just because I disagree with your pro-Nazi views and posted links from his blog here which expose your pro-Nazi lies.

    While I am a regular reader of the gentile Felix Quigley’s blog, unlike him I am Jewish and not an atheist; a lot younger than him, being only 27 years old and unlike him I live in Judea in Eretz Yisrael – the Holy Land of Hashem G-d – that you pro-Nazi apologists in Dhimmi Britain despise with a passion.

    I am a supporter of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane and the Jewish Task Force (JTF) and unlike you retarded brain-dead Leftist Stalinist Bolshevik British imbeciles here, I am NOT an apologist for Bosnian Islamofascist and Croat Ustasha Nazi genocide.

    Unlike you I am also NOT a pro-Hamas/pro-Hizbollah Leftist Bolshevik apologist for genocide and Islamofascist acts of terror worldwide against the non-muslim “Infidels” the way you British Leftist Bolshevik retards clearly are.

    Isn’t it interesting how the MOST COMMON NAME for a male baby born in the UK these days is MOHAMMED?

    You British Leftist muslim lovers are going to be a totally muslim dominated country in a few years with all of the “Islamist benefits” including Sharia Law – stonings, female genital mutilation, beheadings and bodily dismemberment – that such a muslim majority brings with it . ENJOY, suckers!

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