Green as owl-shit

March 16, 2007 at 10:19 pm (Jim D)

The Blair-Brown-Cameron consensus on replacing Trident, rammed through the Commons on Wednesday, is as politically bankrupt as it is financially wasteful (£76 billion) and irrelevant to the real dangers facing the post-cold war world. Trident renewal, though worthless as any practical form of “defence”, nevertheless appears to threaten non-nuclear states with mass slaughter and will thus encourage nuclear proliferation.

Those 100 or so Labour MPs who  rebelled against renewal are to be congratulated; with around half the Parliamentary Labour Party either voting against or abstaining, it is clear that despite the Blair-Brown partial emasculation of the Party (and the threat to the union link posed by the Heyden Phillips report), all is not yet lost for working class politics within the Labour Party.

However, some opponents of Trident renewal seem to be just plain stupid. Take Jean Lambert, the Green Party MEP, who has a letter in today’s Guardian:

“The whole debate surrounding Trident has been a diversion from the world’s real security needs, such as tackling climate change and wide-spread illness and disease, and ensuring access to clean water for all…”

Now, I’m sure that we can all agree that Ms Lambert’s little list of “security” issues contains some very important matters. But hasn’t she left out the minor issue of would-be mass murdering fanatics, willing to kill themselves and as many innocent civilians as they can take with them? Don’t these people also pose a threat? And isn’t, in fact, the main argument against Trident the obvious fact that it affords us no protection whatsoever from them?

P.S: From the Penguin Slang Thesaurus:

“145: Stupidity…dumb, dumbarse, dingy, dopey, dorkey, fatheaded, flakey, foggy, goofy, goopy, green as owl-shit”.


  1. Mike said,

    To be honest comrade, the main argument against Trident is the only thing you can use it for is mass murder. It’s also useful to argue that committing mass murder won’t prevent terrorism (quite the opposite in fact). But that’s subordinate to the main argument.

    • Jed said,

      Nicely said Mike and this “huge” security threat still hasn’t caused us any major problems in more recent years, statistically I am more likely to be killed by falling coconuts than terrorists.

  2. chjh said,

    Well, the ‘Green’ Party – obviously Islamofascists, innit? Maybe they should be banged up in Guantanamo Bay as well, just to be on the safe side.

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