Tamimi denounces "fundamentalism"!

February 26, 2007 at 11:47 pm (Jim D)

Another great moment in journalism from the British Guardian today. Stuart Jeffries (usually one of their less annoying journalists) has a piece on the “vicious and uncompromising battle between believers and non-believers”. It is admirably even-handed, in just the same way that, no doubt, a Guardian article discussing the “battle” between followers of Darwin and supporters of creationism would also be even-handed: after all, science and rationality should not be given preference over superstition and belief in the supernatural – that would be judgemental, wouldn’t it?

After quoting such profound thinkers as Colin Slee, the Dean of Southwark, saying things like “Atheists like the Richard Dawkins (sic) of this world are just as fundamentalist as the people setting off bombs on the tube”… (think about that statement for a moment, folks)…the article goes on to quote one Azzim Tamimi, billed as “director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought”, saying: “I refer to secular fundamentalism. The problem is that these people believe that they have the absolute truth. That means you have no room to talk to others so you end up having a physical fight“. So Mr Tamimi is some kind of peace-loving, liberal, pro-dialogue, anti-fundamentalist opponent of the idea of anyone having “the absolute truth”? Eh, well…perhaps not: what the Guardian article failed to mention is that Mr Tamini isn’t just the “director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought”. He’s rather better known as the representaive in Britain of Hamas. You know, those peace-loving anti-fundamentalist folk who’s charter explicitly rejects “so-called peaceful solutions“, who opposed the Oslo accords, who support suicide bombings against civilians and who seek the total destruction of Israel: all in the name of their faith, which they believe to be the absolute, irreducible and uncontestable Truth, and that all who disagree are infidels who should be conquered -or in the case of Jews, wiped off the face of the earth. And Tamini, whose membership of Hamas is not even mentioned by the Gruaniad, is quoted denouncing “secular fundamentalism” on the grounds that it leaves “no room to talk to others”…

What would we do without the good old Graun, eh?

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