My pro-cop shame

January 31, 2007 at 7:32 pm (Uncategorized)

The district where I work was crawling with cops as I arrived this morning. Streets were sealed off with that ‘scene of crime’ tape you see on the telly. I had no idea what was going on, but it all seemed very exciting.

I later discovered – from workmates – that this was all part of a “swoop” by police, who had reason to believe that a major terror plot was nearing fruition. The plan, apparently, was to kidnap either a random member of the public or a British Muslim soldier, and to behead him/her, film the ‘execution’, and post it on the internet.

The alleged plot, is said (by the cops) to have “been in the later stages of development”, and would have mirrored the kidnappings and ‘executions’ of people like Margaret Hassan, Ken Bigley and lots of trade unionists, by “insurgents” in Iraq.

Now, bearing in mind the cock-up at Forest Gate , no-one in their right mind would give the cops carte blanche in “anti-terrorism” operations. But I’ve got an admission to make: when I heard about the alleged “plot” on my doorstep, I was quite shocked and I was also glad that the cops were in attendance.

But the real admission is this: I didn’t immediately parade up and down the Stratford Road with a placard proclaiming “Cops Out Of Sparkhill Now”. Why not? After all, most of the cops were from outside Sparkhill. And everybody knows that the cops are the enforcers of capitalism and imperialism. So my failure to demand “Cops Out Now” is clear evidence of my support for capitalism, imperialism and general repression. I admit it: you’ve got me bang to rights, guv.

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