In, out, in, out… shake it all about…

December 27, 2006 at 6:39 pm (Uncategorized)

At the risk of boring you all with trivia (if you want so see something topical, go look at the BBC; apparently they’re gonna hang Saddam Hussein or summat), I thought I’d update you on my ban situation, gentle reader. Since updating my last post on the subject, and even posting kind comments to the SWP Kevin the Teenager bloggers concerned offering praise for their intestinal fortitude upon the reinstatement of my comments and the lifting of my ban, it seems that the lads have had another lapse of confidence. Ergo, out yet again went the comments, and yours truly is once again banned from their site. Perhaps they detected some hint of sarcasm in my praising their courage for allowing me to laugh at them… perhaps they just crapped themselves again like they did the first time.

Either way little fellas, it’s a pretty rum show – can’t we all just get along? Even if you do name yourselves after kids’ cartoon characters, I’m sure you can have a moment of maturity and take the hand of friendship when it’s offered to you… here’s a gesture. I’m sooorrry that I pissed myself with laughter when you said that the political “Vermin” of last year was the National Union of Students bureaucracy (who in taking the title presumably beat General Pinochet, George Bush, Nick Griffin, Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein, amongst others). I really am. And I’ll let you all go to the movies next Saturday and I’ll un-ground you too. And I’ll even let you stay up late to watch Newsnight, but not until John Rees is next on.

You see now what a big hearted guy I can be?

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