Respect: party of the small businessman

December 22, 2006 at 11:39 pm (Uncategorized)

I know that the bastard offspring of fascist-dictator-loving George Galloway and anti-Israel-obsessed Socialist Workers Party’s unnatural liaison, “Respect”, doesn’t claim to be “socialist”, or even “social democrat”…but even so:

“Stratford Road residents and traders do not want the Red Route. It will hurt 1000 small businesses that line the Stratford Road, and will only save the motorist a measly few minutes…

“Local traders have delivered to the city council a 3,000 signature petition from local people opposing the Red Route…

“Cllr Salma Yaqoob has been fighting for the rights of local traders and residents

“She challenged the council decision in a City Council meeting on economic and legal grounds and delivered petition (sic) “.

All the above comes from the election leaflet of Mohammed Suleman, “Respect” candidate for Birmingham Springfield next May.

The “red route” issue is a matter that local businesmen in Sparkhill (part of Springfield ward) hae been raising for some time. It is all about their trade and profits. The real issue is about clearing the Stratford Road for ease of traffic and safety of local residents: but “Respect”, with their communalistic approach to politics, naturally side with the local businessmen, rather than local working-class people – Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and white: most of whom think the Red Route is a good idea.

By the way: a local Lib Dem tells me that Salma Yaqoob and her people have done a deal with the local Labour Party in Sparkhill, Birmingham: her people have already agreed that the weak candidate Mohammed Suleman (rather than Salma Iqbal, who stood and did quite well at the last local election), will be the ‘Respect’ candidate in Springfield – thus ensuring that the Labour candidate, Mohammed Fazal, retains his seat.

In exchange, it will be ensured that Roger Godsiff retains his parliamentary nomination for the Labour Party, and “Respect”‘s people in the Labour party will all vote for Godsiff. They calculate that Godsiff is the candidate they can most likely defeat at the general election…

The person behind this deal is a long-standing Labour Party and Lib Dem “fixer” within the Mirpuri community: and now “Respect” are part of the communalist equation, dragging Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers down into the mire of communalism and corruption: they didn’t start it, but they are all too willing to play the game.

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