Galloway: "I am not a believer in conspiracy theories"

September 30, 2006 at 3:54 pm (Uncategorized)

This is just too good to be true: George Galloway has written this open letter to John Reid, complaining about a “well known and violent extremist” being “allowed within punching distance of the British Home Secretary”.

Two points should be borne in mind before you recoil in disbelief (or collapse into laughter) at the thought that that Mr Galloway – usually an uncritical supporter of Islamic extremism in all its forms – should take such a stance:

1/ Reid is an old Stalinist buddy of Galloway’s from the Scottish Labour Party, and our George clearly still has a lot of Stalinist respect for the senior man.

2/ The “well known and violent extremist” in question, Abu Izzadine, intimidated, terrified, and took hostage Mr Galloway and his daughter at a “Respect” election meeting last year: clearly, uncritical support for all anti-Zionists must have its limits.

Galloway complains that “either our police and security forces are so fantastically incompetent that Bin laden himself might have slipped in to beard you at your podium”. Or “someone somewhere wanted to engineer precisely this confrontation”.

Well, it’s not George’s usual complaint against the British state authorities that they’re too lax in their dealings with radical Muslims. But George has an alternative explanation: that the entire confrontation *was* “engineered”…”to portray the Muslims of Britain in the most aggressive, violent and extreme way possible”.

But George, who is willing to go along with the theory that Jews were tipped off about 9/11 and advised to stay away from the Twin Towers, assures his (ex-) comrade Reid that “…as you know I am not a believer in conspiracy theories (so) I am leaning towards the first explanation”.

Good to hear that George old chum. Now, maybe, a clear-cut statement to the effect that the story about Jews knowing in advance about 9/11 is complete bollocks? Such an admission will not absolve you of all your many crimes against socialism, humanity and common decency: but it will prove that you are not a compulsive “believer in conspiracy theories”; just an opportunist who is willing to go along with them when it suits you.

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