A religion for onanistic celebrities?

September 22, 2006 at 11:09 pm (Uncategorized)

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I was wandering down the high street recently, looking for something nice to have for lunch, when I passed by a sign for an exhbition called “PSYCHIATRY: AN INDUSTRY OF DEATH”. How could I resist going in?

It’s not something you’re used to seeing as the title for an exhibition in the UK – even the political extremists usually come up with something topical. So, I didn’t really know what to expect. As I trundled into the part of the hotel where the exhibition was being held, I saw a couple of men in white shirts power-walking around the room taking pictures, and other people holding a discussion in a corner.

And then, wow, what a treat. I sat down in front of an (immaculately well produced) video about how Psychiatrists were trying to form a world government via social control that they perform under the cover of their (false, of course) “science”. I perumbulated around the room, and looked at displays about how Psychiatrists are responsible for racism, the decline of religion, the drugging of children, you name it. Wow, I never knew my local mental health team were actually the Empire from Star Wars, but there you have it.

At the end, I was accosted by an immaculately attired young woman who asked me to sign a petition “against drugging children”. I made my excuses and left with a couple of their publications.

Who sponsored this event (which you can see at various tour stops in the UK)? Why, gentle reader, ’twas the Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights. A fine, US-based organisation protecting us from the pathologisation of normal human conditions by a greedy clique? Well, probably not, eh. Their publications are sponsored by the “United States International Association of Scientologists Members’ Trust”.

Now, I don’t really fret too much about mad religious cults. But I do when they’re spreading crap about good mental health practice and picking on vulnerable people as a result. And not being candid about who they are, when they’re doing it.

You fucking vultures. Carry on your parasitic relationship with celebrity wankers, and see how far it gets you.

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