The voice of Matgamna is heard in the land

September 21, 2006 at 12:17 am (Uncategorized)

Let me be quite frank: I am a member of a far-left organisation called the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty (AWL). Like most far-left groups, we have some leading figures whose authority is not simply down to election, but is down to their records as founders of the organisation. The SWP had Tony Cliff, the “Militant”/RSG had Ted Grant and the SLL/WRP had (gawd help ’em) the rapist Gerry Healey. In the AWL, our leading figures are Sean Matgamna and Martin Thomas.

Neither of them are Popes. I, personally, have been involved in bitter diagreements with both of them: with Thomas over Gate Gourmet, and with Matgamna over the Good Friday Agreement.

But I was well pleased when I read Matgamna’s statement on the Pope and Islam, here; and even more so when I saw it denounced by that asshole Bob Pitt on his scab “Islamophobia Watch” website. Sean was the person who convinced me that Trotskyism was the right path: he still stands for basic principles like secularism and rationality. And I’m still proud to be a “Matgamnaite”.

I wrote what I wrote about the Pope’s statement, not knowing what the AWL would have to say about the matter: but Matgamna has delivered the goods, and – once again – I’m reminded why I’m proud to be a member of the AWL.

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