A blogroll of honour

August 30, 2006 at 10:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Hmm. Was having a think about what blogs I like to read, and skimming my links list. So, in light of the book thing, I thought I’d give some people a drumroll.

I’ve got pretty eclectic taste in political blogs, but I’d guess my top ten (in no particular order) goes something like this:

1) The legends that are Stroppy and Louise. Two feminists who truly understand the politics and ethics behind the word, and whose blog mixes wit, humour, light and heavy subject matter in a way that so many who take themselves more seriously fail to do. Diamonds, both of ’em.

2) One has to mention the one and only Mike and his little red page – if you ever wondered what a socialist novel in the Wodehousian style, co-written by Stephen Fry and David Lodge would look like, then give Mike’s blog a look: he’s living that dream. A top fellow, and one who’s always welcome at mine and Denham’s table for a few foaming pints of real ale.

3) Darren, the SPGB ingrate – how does one so young and possessed of such an acerbic wit, living the high life in New York, remain a member of the Socialist Party of Great Britain? Maybe he’s a man of high principle, maybe he’s just old before his time. Whichever, his blog is dead good, and you should have a gander at it.

4) The Grand Old Man of lefty independent-minded semi-trot types, Cap’n Dave Osler. Dave’s a man who’s forgotten more about the left than I will ever learn, and who writes about it in a pretty snappy way too. His blog is a mine of information about goings on in the labour movement and on the left, and one of the few genuinely non-sectarian forums for debate as well. Check it out.

5) The Daily Kos. Lamont 52%. Lieberman 48%. Need I give you further reason to read it?

6) Samizdata. Not a choice that exactly fits in with my other ones, but quite apart from being IMO the most achingly cool-looking site on the UK political scene, this right-libertarian blog actually contains some interesting debates, and does tackle issues that the left sometimes shies away from.

7) Broder. He writes some fascinating and deeply thought-out stuff, especially about Latin America, on which he’s a great source of info and debate. And what’s more he’s only 12 years old. Scary intelligent AWL boy. And then of course there’s the AWL blogger from the AWL site, the great Janine. She should post more often, because when she does it’s wonderful stuff. But then she’s usually far too busy fighting capitalism.

8) The New(ish) Labour bloggies, Tom and Adele – you two are nice folks; you should really get a bit more radical, but you’ll do!

9) Renegade Eye and the Fiskers of Flirty Fisking both deserve a mention as well, because both do something a little differently. Renegade runs a great big networking hub of a Trotty, Jazzy blog, and conducts some fascinating debates along the way that are beyond the run of the mill. And the Fiskers are Eustonites who I’m not nasty about. Which means they gotta have something special.

10) Last, but by no means least, this list would not be complete without Harry’s Eustonite Place and Lenny Lenin’s Coffin. You may love one or the other, or hate both of them (a fair number of people do), and if you look at them sideways they do kinda look exactly the same, but either way the enlightenment stockbrokers and the SWP fratboys are essential reading.

OK so that was a bit more than ten blogs. So I cheated. Read ’em all anyway, when you’ve got a bit of time to kill. You won’t regret it.

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