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September 30, 2011 at 11:57 pm (anti-semitism, Rosie B)


Above: how Atzmon portrays his critics Newman and Aaronovitch – “caught together naked holding ideological hands” (the image is Atzmon’s, not ours).

Atzmon says: “Zionism clearly  maintains and sustains  its ‘radical left  opposition’ and the logos behind such a tactic is simple-  ‘revolutionary’ left is totally irrelevant to both the conflict and its  resolution. Hence, Zionists cannot dream of an easier opposition to  handle. When the Zionists detect a dangerous rising intellect who aims  at the truth, they obviously utilize and mobilize the Jewish left  together with the few willing Sabbath Goyim executioners to gatekeep the emerging danger. Seymour, Newman and a just few others are always happy to slay the emerging intellect.”

[Jim D added this bit.  I could have done without the pic myself.  Seymour, Newman and Aaronovitch "caught together naked holding ideological hands" was an image I didn't really want to dwell on in my head, let alone on the webpage.  However if anyone feels up to portraying them "slaying the emerging intellect" I would post that. - Rosie B]

"Slaying the emerging intellect" - anyone handy with Photoshop?


As everyone in the blogosphere knows, Gilad Atzmon has written a book, The Wandering Who, published by Zero Books and with a blurb of warm endorsement  from Professor Mearsheimer – “fascinating and provocative .  . Should be widely read by Jews and non-Jews alike.’  This has caused a storm.  Professor Mearsheimer defends himself here, and in his comments thread he is in turn warmly endorsed by every Nazi nutter and Holocaust denier in town.

I haven’t read Atzmon’s book, and as I wouldn’t buy it or ask the library to get it, I suppose I never shall.  But I did check out Atzmon’s warm endorsement of his own book (here) which has  put “the entire Zionist network is in a total panic” (according to him).  Atzmon has also photoshopped pictures of the heads of his critics onto naked bodies.  Somehow I don’t think he and the Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago are in the same intellectual milieu.

Atzmon’s account of the controversy:-

“. . .the Islamophobic agent-provocateur “Harry’s place” [Atzmon doesn't know what an "agent provocateur is, evidently] – who never miss a chance to muddy the water – joined in, intimidating and harassing  a London academic  just because she tweeted that she likes Atzmon’s book

Just before London Tea Time, America woke up. Within the hour, her Zionist stooges were ready to join the campaign. EX- IDF concentration camp guard Jeffrey Goldberg had a clear plan to chew Professor John J. Mearsheimer circulating the same banal and unsubstantiated accusations.

At that stage, it appeared to be a campaign that was run by hundreds of Zionist enthusiasts – but if one scratches the surface, it was actually an orchestrated move of barely more than five Jewish bloggers, [Richard Seymour? Andy Newman?] who have managed to mobilise another twenty or so book burners or shall we call them ‘wandering  sockpuppets’ that habitually attack in different areas of the net and the press, co-coordinating to harass, bully and intimidate, with the same dull, repetitive, accusations, ‘arguments’ and smears.

By Sunday night the Guardian published an appalling piece by one Andy Newman of Swindon, who, according to one of his “Socialist Unity” editors, attacked Atzmon simply to appease the relentlessly Islamophobic “Harry’s Place” public.

[Now since when did Socialist Unity "appease" Harry's Place?  They have just put up a very rude piece about them  - or is this merely a cunning Zionist smokescreen?]
.  . .

In a final desperate attempt to jeopardize the publication of the book and to silence its author. Richard Seymour AKA ‘Lenin Thumb’,  authored a new anti Atzmon manifesto.

I read Richard ‘Lenin’ Seymour’s text with interest and found out that for some reason, both ‘avant-garde revolutionary’  Seymour’s text, and Guardian’s ‘socialist’  Andy Newman’s drivel are suspiciously far too similar to the unforgettable ‘Aaronovitch Reading Atzmon’ performance at the Oxford Literature Festival.  [This reading is of the choice bits of antisemitism in Atzmon's work.  Why Seymour, Newman and Aaronovitch should quote the same choice pieces of antisemitism is moronically obvious.]


One may wonder how come Seymour, an alleged revolutionary radical Marxist, Andy Newman, a mediocre socialist  and Neocon pro war Aaronovitch are caught together naked holding ideological  hands. [Yes, how would a far left anti-Zionist like Seymour pick up with the liberal Aaronovitch?]

How is it that the three try  to prevent myself and others from criticising Jewish political lobbying. For some reason they also don’t want us to look closely into the events that led to the financial turmoil. [Jews' fault of course] How is it possible that a hard core Zionist and ultra radical leftists are not only employing the same ideological argument but also performing the exact same tactics?  Clearly, there is an obvious ideological and political continuum between Aaronovitch, Newman and Seymour. The Wandering Who? scrutinizes this very continuum.

Zionism clearly maintains and sustains  its ‘radical left opposition’ and the logos behind such a tactic is simple- ‘revolutionary’ left is totally irrelevant to both the conflict and its resolution. Hence, Zionists cannot dream of an easier opposition to handle. When the Zionists detect a dangerous rising intellect [Atzmon of course - he tells it like it is] who aims at the truth, they obviously utilize and mobilize the Jewish left together with the few willing Sabbath Goyim executioners to gatekeep the emerging danger. Seymour, Newman and a just few others are always happy to slay the emerging intellect.  [Atzmon again - in case you didn't get the first time who this "intellect" is].

Indeed they were effective for years. From an intellectual perspective our movement is pretty much a desert. Every deep thinker we have ever had [Atzmon for instance]  has been targeted and destroyed by the Jewish Left and their Sabbath Goyim.  But for some reason, they somehow failed with me. My views on Palestine and Israel are now circulated on most dissident journals [bringing them into discredit] and my book The Wandering Who is endorsed by the most important people scholars and activists in our discourse. [please - list of names besides Professor Mearsheimer's?]

So far, all efforts to stop the book have fallen apart. There is no sign of anyone pulling the book out but there are clear signs that the Hasbara orchestrated campaign has backfired. No one surrendered to the Zionist campaign and its stooges. As they said in Tahrir Square, ‘we have lost our fear.’ [ Oh who do you think you are!]   The Wandering Who is now a best seller for more than a week (as far as Amazon ranking can tell). On the Jewish best seller list, it is even more popular than the Babylonian Talmud and the Torah. I guess that this is indeed a great concern for Zionists and  their stooges, but there is nothing they can do about it.

The sheer dreadfulness of this writing passes description. How could a distinguished academic like Professor Mearsheimer read such self-important, bragging crap and pat its author on the back?  OK, this is not Atzmon’s book – but if this is how the guy writes – the juvenile abuse, the total idiocy on how left and liberal writers in the UK operate, the paranoia, so that if people criticise him they must be in some kind of “Zionist” conspiracy, its general craziness – now, how could Professor Mearsheimer read anything from a writer like that and endorse it? What was he on?


  1. skidmarx said,

    That’s a quite horrible bit of photoshopping. Are you trying to drive people away from this blog?

  2. jayn0t said,

    What you call ‘abuse’ is Gilad’s humorous response to far more serious abuse (‘Nazi’, ‘holocaust denier’, etc.). The sarcasm and the photoshop pictures are fairly mild compared with what he has to put up with.

    “I don’t think he and the Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago are in the same intellectual milieu.” If you actually read his book, instead of selecting his reactions to Zionist hacks who are desperately and unsuccessfully trying to shut him down, you would.

    • Monsieur Jelly est formidable said,

      here is some abuse for you. You thick disgusting fuckking cunT

  3. Rosie said,


    jayn0t – so these are “Zionist hacks”, are they?

    Richard Seymour
    Laurie Penny
    Jews Sans Frontieres
    Andy Newman

    They would be extremely startled to hear themselves described in that way. You could look at Andy Newman’s blog at Socialist Unity and find 300 or so articles on Palestinian solidarity. You can look at Richard Seymour’s blog at Lenin’s Tomb and find god knows how many Israel knocking pieces – enough to make the most rabid “anti-Zionist” content

    The beauty of the Atzmon business is that it sorts out those who have been driven so crazy by the “Isreal”, “Zionist manipulation” meme that they can’t smell antisemitism when it’s rubbed in their faces.

    • skidmarx said,

      And you can’t spot the irony that at least 75% of your list are regularly accused of being antisemitic here? Given the choice between lies and diplomacy the former seem to win out every time.

  4. Rosie said,

    Oh and Professor Mearsheimer has taken a lot of flak in his time. I doubt very much he photoshops his critics heads on to naked bodies and posts them on the Foreign Policy blog.

  5. charliethechulo said,

    Good to see that some of the leftie authors signed by Zero Books (Atzmon’s publisher) are protesting; quoted here at that well-known Zionist website Lenin’s Tomb:


    Atzmon’s supporters/apologists (eg jayn0t at #2 above) may like to explain the sourced Atzmon quotes that the authors refer to, and how those quotes can possibly be considered to be *not* anti-semitic.

    And btw, skidiot, there’s no “irony” to the fact that some of us consider one (not “at least 75%”) of the signatories (Seymour) to be himself antisemitic: his is the political antisemitism of the SWP, that does not require personal hatred of Jews. Atzmon’s antisemitism is straightforward racist hatred of all Jews (maybe including himself).

  6. Faster Pussycat Miao! Miao! Miao! said,

    Is that his critique of his opponents — that they’re gay? What next? The zygo-homo-zio-nazi-commie conspiracy? He should get a few stormfront gigs at least.

  7. charliethechulo said,

    LATEST: Atzmon now thinks Mein Kampf is a good read:


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